11 June 2013

Medical collective nouns - a poem.

A scale of dermatologists

A hum of audiologists

An odour of podiatrists

A slumber of anaesthetists

A vial of pathologists

A diary of health bloggers

A sliver of surgeons

A thought of neurologists

An injection of immunologists

A wind of gastroenterologists

A textbook of graduate doctors

A scrum of sports doctors

A breath of respiratorists

A D-Cup of plastic surgeons

A gaga of midwives

A lick of oral hygienists

A bite of dentists

A blanket of sleep therapists

A lens of ophthalmologists

A Lego house of play therapists

A pulse of cardiologists

An earful of counsellors

An enhancement of cosmetic surgeons

A cistern of urologists

A helping of social workers

A stretch of physiotherapists

A siren of paramedics

A prick of acupuncturists

A swallow of speech pathologists

A wrinkle of geriatricians

An innocence of paediatricians

A hazard of radiographers

A helix of geneticists

A portion of dieticians

A tube of endoscopists

A shutter of medical photographers

An arousal of sex therapists.

Because sometimes fun word games are played on Twitter, and I knew the picture of hospital food would eventually come in handy. The mashed potato was always the best bit.

#medicalcollectivenouns @carlyfindlay



  1. Very very clever - I like it!

    Deb C

  2. No nurses! :(

    Love these collective nouns regardless.


  3. A latex of nurses. (am referring to gloves)

    A wrinkle of geriatricians.


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