08 September 2012

This week: Andy Truong, Catherine Manuell, warm salad, pretty things and Julia Stone

It has been a significant week. I have been out three nights in a row, been incredibly asseertive about my needs a number of times - including confronting users of a website who had misused my photo, and had some big events on at work. Yesterday I went to the hospital to have my eyes checked. You may remember last summer my eyes were not doing so great. The opthamologist checked them yesterday (it is such an uncomfortable experience!) and said they are doing so well that I don't need to return for a year! That is good news! The eye drops, gel and sunnies must be working!

On Wednesday I went to see Andy Truong at Fashion Week. It was lovely, but very crowded and due to a combination of the crowd, too high heels amd feeling a bit sad, I did not stay long. Andy's collection is beautiful and I want to buy one of the dresses.
Watch the news story here.

I also went to Catherine Maneull Designs showcase on Thursday. I am a huge fan of her bags - I have a handbag, several purses, a laptop sleeve, a clutch and a toilet bag, so was excited about this event!
I love the colours and textures and that it
I got talking with a woman, she asked me where I work, I asked her where she works, and she said "I am Catherine"! Oops' she was so lovely. She posed with this cushion I purchased.
We got lovely gifts at the showcase - the little red and white purse was for checking in on Facebook.
I made this warm salad - perfect for the sunny Spring weather we got at the start of the week. It soon turned cold though!
The salad is broad beans, peas, lemon zest, balsamic amd feta. It is also yum with pumpkin.

I found this cup at my local opshop. $2!!
This mosaic was at Flinders St Street Station. Isn't it cool?!
I had a stack of great mail yesterday, including concert tickets, a shirt I bought after reading this article and fabulous fashion blog, and five parcels. Camille made and sent me my capelet for the ball, it is heaven. Here is a sneaky peek.

And I saw the divine Julia Stone live last night - review to come. She was magic.

That is it! I am about to get out of bed and head into the city to meet Trudie - she is over from Perth to visit. Yay!!

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Have a great Saturday! What are your plans?


  1. What a great week Carly! So many exciting things happening in your world lately.
    My world, well it's not been great re my health but Jonty has just been amazing. Hopefully they will figure our what going on with me soon so I can get the energy to enjoy him even more.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Fee xx

  2. So much glamour on top of everything else that went down.

    I hope it all made you smile.

    SSG xxx


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