14 September 2012

The swimsuit edition. Surfing-ish. Government House.

I am in Sydney now. It has been fun, and there has been lots of firsts for me on this adventure with the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation. I have met Layne and Megan from the foundation, the amazing beautiful girls who received the grants, and their mums/carers/partners/friends. It is also very cold in Sydney.

Yesterday was the start of our training days. Layne Beachley gave us a surfing lesson! I don't think surfing is for me. It is wet and salty. But I put a wetsuit on, held a surfboard, got my whole body and head wet by the sea and felt my swimming instinct set in. I gave it a go! I was surfing-ish

I was equally proud to have worn a swimsuit and felt very glam in it!

After the surfing we went to Government House where we were celebrated by the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency Marie Bashir. She was very proud of our achievements and the distances many of the girls have traveled. The staff were so friendly and funny, champagne was flowing, a speech was made by both Her Excellency and Layne, and we met some Aim for the Stars board members. Everyone was very interested in our stories.

The Governor's and Layne's speeches were very moving. We learnt about the challenges Layne has had in her life, and the determination she's had to become a world champion surfer and also help and inspire girls to follow their dreams. Layne said something powerful that I had to capture.

"Make a positive choice to make a positive impact."

Today we have mentoring, then I meeting a blogger, then we get hair and makeup done and then it is the ball. Such amazing opportunities!

(I'm using my phone to blog so I am not sure of the photo order, sorry.)


  1. That's a nice swimsuit. I'm afraid to go swimsuit shopping, I saw myself in a fitting room mirror recently when bra shopping. That was bad enough! I may never wear a swimsuit again. It'll be shorts and t-shirts on the beach for me!

  2. Your wonderful exciting times continue.So happy to see.
    Love those powerful words you captured from Layne.xx

  3. You look GREAT and HUGE props to you trying surfing my sister gave me a super mini learning session this summer and I go a gash over my eye. ahahah. Not only is it wonderful that the grant you applied for has provided you with so many exciting opportunities but it is especially important that you go to meet the people behind the organization and others in it too!

    I'm so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you here in NYC. Keep up the AMAZING work!

  4. You look amazing in that swim suit! I wish I could find one that actually flatters my figure!


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