12 September 2012

My Dad's moustache

For thirty years, I've known my Dad with a moustache. He has had it since I was born. For many, many years it was jet black.

Some people say he looks like Borat.


He thinks so too, and perhaps he does, but I am just glad he's not adopting the full Borat ensemble.
Dad's moustache was reliable. I could depend on it being there, just like Dad's there for me ("you'll always be my baby, even when you're 30", he's said.).

His moustache has been there every Christmas, holiday and of course all those times we've bonded over cleaning up dog poo or having a disagreement over the PayTV channels (he's wanted Coronation Street, I've wanted anything but).

So when I set off on my big adventure, I was confused when he met me at the airport. Dad flew to Tasmania the same day I flew to London, so he drove down to Melbourne and met Mum and I at the airport and we spent time together as a family before I got on the plane.

We were in the check in queue when Mum said "there's Dad". Where? I couldn't see him. There was a man in Dad-like clothes, but no, that couldn't be him!

Now I am not very good at recognising people, and I also only see Dad about four times a year. Surely I couldn't have forgotten what my Dad looks like?

"Where is he?" I asked Mum. "There" she told me and pointed. Dad waved. Then Mum told me he had shaved off his moustache recently, after he had a little slip of the razor.

Mum hasn't known Dad without a moustache either, so I asked her if it's like being with a new husband. She said it did take a bit of getting used to. She's been happily married to a moustached man for 31 years.

And so after check in, I ran out under the queue barrier to see Dad, we gave each other bear hugs, and I couldn't stop staring at this 'new' Dad of mine. I had never seen his whole face!

My Dad looks VERY different now. But he's still got everything I love about him. I went off to London trying to save the memory of what this 'new' Dad looks like.

Has your relative ever changed their looks drastically and it took a bit of getting used to?


  1. Carly I love this post and I I love all the photos of for dad with you, esp when you were a baby and a toddler.

    Feel a bit teary with emotion looking at them because you can tell how much he adores you.

    My dad has a beard and I have never seen him without it!

    1. Hey FF thank you for your lovely comment! My dad is wonderful and these photos show it! Isn't it funny how people can keep the same hairstyle/beard/mo their whole life?! Would you get a shock if your dad shaved off his beard?

    2. Yes!! I just showed these photos to my Mum who is here - she loved the photos of you sitting on your Dad's lap too. You have become a Travelling Maestro- Jealous! I miss travelling!

      Take care Carly, love your attitude and focus and strength. x

  2. Oh my goodness, same with my Dad (less Borat, more Super Mario though)! He was mo'd when I was born, it was the only way I knew him! On his 50th birthday a few years ago he came out of the bathroom mo-less. There were screams. The funy thing is my bro and I for his party had made a whole PowerPoint presentation about dad "the man, the mo".

    1. Hahah N! How funny about the PowerPoint! It must have been like someone else came to the party in your dad's place. And I laughed at the Supet Mario reference! Very funny! :) thanks for sharing that story :)

  3. Hi Carly. Great post about your Dad. He was mo-less the first time I met him in person. He had to point out the fact that it was missing!! I'd like to share a link to your article, hope that's okay?
    Cheers, Tania

  4. My Dad has a beard, he has since he was 16 so I've never seen him without it. These days with his grey/white hair and beard, half glasses and bit of a tummy he looks EXACTLY like santa. Every Christmas in shopping centers you see confused little kids looking at him and wondering. I don't think I would recognise my Dad without his beard, so I can imagine how you feel.

  5. haha sweet post! That borat bathing suits though *shudder* haha. My dad has always had a beard. One time he shaved it v close (we'd just got a dog with a beard & they looked eerily similar, hence his sporadic shave). Was so weird!!
    Heidi xo

  6. My dad too has always had a mustasche, he shaved it off once when I was about 15, we all said he looked ridiculous, so grew it back and has always had it since.
    I <3 my dad

  7. Dad had a moustache for many years, then he grew a beard. Once, he shaved the lot off and Mum was so upset he grew it back. For me, my dad has a beard, and that's that.
    My Hubby also has a beard, and every now and then he shaves it off, it is so strange when he does.

    I love this post Carly, the photos of you and your dad are lovely, you have a great bond. x

  8. My dad used to have a full head of black hair, kind of a beatles hair cut and now he's got a number 1 buzz cut that is grey, resembling an egg. Aside from that, I think he has shrunk a bit (he has osteoporosis).

    Beautiful post. I love old family photos!


  9. My hubby had a full beard for about 25 years. When regulations @ his work place dictated a clean shaved face, he, for the first time in their lives, revealed his entire kisser to our daughters. Of course, they both cried. It took some getting use to but we've all adjusted now.


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