10 September 2012

Julia Stone - Live at the Forum, 7 September 2012

You know I've been a fan of Angus and Julia Stone for many years now - I guess about six. I've loved their solo albums too, so when I saw Julia was touring solo, I just had to see her live. Last Friday night was the concert - and though windy and cold, it was well worth going out to see her.

The opening band - The Trouble with Templeton - were lovely. They were folky, upbeat and reminded me a little of Angus and Julia in their early days. I bought their CD at the end of the show and am looking forward to listening to it. My friend Clare described them as 'Sping-y'. I think that is a good description. Read more about them here.

Julia's stage design was simple yet pretty, with lovely star lights hanging from the ceiling. She had a five piece band who were excellent. The audience was mostly young females, but there was (as usual) the occasional male yelling out "I love you Julia".

She started off a little nervous and excited to be at the Forum, admitting her voice was a bit low, and forgetting the words, but she soon warmed up.

Perhaps due to her being solo, she didn't dance around as much on stage, staying close to the mic stand for most of the show. She said she misses Angus on this tour, but she seemed very comfortable playing alone too. It was also the first time I've seen her wearing shoes on stage!

She was very funny between songs, telling long winded stories of love lost and her broken heart. Her honesty and vulnerability is just beautiful, and I felt very empathetic toward her. I do hope she finds her true love soon!

And surprisingly, after someone requested Big Jet Plane, she said "I wish I could play it but I don't know the chords"!

Most of the songs were from her two solo albums - The Memory Machine and By the Horns, but there were also some Angus and Julia favourites in there, including the amazing For You and And the Boys, plus two covers. Though her style is very distinct, the covers of Olivia Newton John's You're the One that I Want and Fleetwood Mac's Dreams showed she is versatile - she really made these songs her own. I was mesmorised through Dreams and I hope she releases it as a song to buy.

Her voice is so powerful, and the way she moves her hands and her dress on stage shows just how much her songs become her. She is an incredible lyricist. I watched from the front row amazed and emotional. Her lyrics really hit home for me, after the week I had.

Thank you so much for playing, Julia. You were a delight.

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  1. Your photos are really good! You were very close!
    She's such a cutie! So talented! Her stories were so sweet....
    Looks like she is mixing up her setlist each night, that's good! Shows such depth! Good for her!


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