10 May 2012

Steve Poltz at Northcote Social Club - again!

Steve Poltz
Northcote Social Club

3 May 2012

I saw Steve Poltz again last Thursday night at the Northcote Social Club. It was a much different atmosphere to that in Footscray - a bigger audience and Steve fed off this, showing off boyish energy and immaturity.  It was wonderful.

The show opened with the delightful Kate Walker, who has become a bit of a fixture on Steve's Melbourne tours.Kate's songs are funny and often about love lost or chasing a boy. She's quirky, and has a good conversational manner on stage. Kate actually baked those cupcakes for the audience.

One of Kate's friends was there and we got talking. She's Laura Attwood - another singer songwriter. She's also just started a blog. And I got talking to another lady called Rosalie who was also lovely. We sat in the front row together. I think I've made two new friends :)

Steve came on stage, playing a lot of songs from Noineen Noiny Noine. He mixed it up a bit using the voice distorter - so much fun - and played classics. His guitar skills are brilliant too. He's got so much energy, and is an incredible creative mind. His lyrics paint pictures and contain beautiful metaphors. It makes me wonder how much it takes out of him to be that creative.

Steve has the type of voice that coats your soul. His music seeps into you - from the sweet love songs to those that make you blush. And boy did he make us blush, singling out Laura and I several times.

He played a beautiful cover of Paul Kelly's To Her Door, which I have recorded and will share with you soon. I think the thing I like most about him is the fun he has on stage - you can see the passion in his eyes when he plays guitar, and when he dances.

I am no music reviewer, so I really encourage you to read And Pluck Your Strings' review. It's brilliant.

An exciting thing happened - he brought me the note from Bob Evans, and we had a chat about it after the show. He said that it was me who put them in touch while Steve was in Melbourne, and they decided to tweet me while they had coffee. It was very sweet.

It was a very late night, but Steve's energy and the energy of the audience - EVERYONE was having fun - left me feeling fantastic. Thanks for coming Steve! I may see you in California!

I'll leave you with this beautiful song - a little song he wrote for Jewel. 

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