25 May 2012

The hug from a stranger. Skin hunger - part 3

It's been a big week for my little blog. Firstly, thank you to everyone who visited, shared and commented on my "skin hunger" posts. So many visitors have stopped by! I have received such a wonderful response to those posts, especially to my own personal story. There was also great discussion generated on both posts. Readers have told me their own experiences related to skin hunger - SO many empathise. It's a privilege as a blogger to know my writing creates a sense of trust in my readers - enough trust to open up to me themselves. Thank you everyone.

Work has also been so busy. I took this photo from the office as I stayed back a bit later than usual last night.
I went out last night - it was a late night of eating, drinking and watching comedy, and now I feel a little worse for wear on a work day. It was a bit of a tweet up at Softbelly Comedy Club in the city - Clare, a friend who I'd met on Twitter a few years ago due to our mutual love for Bob Evans - had dinner with me at 1000 £ Bend before the show.We both ate pork and bean quesadillas.
We were there to see half of my favourite podcast duo - Mel Buttle (from Mel and Patience from The Grates' podcasts The Minutes and You're Welcome). We got to Softbelly early - as they sell the show on a first come first served basis. (Last night they turned 50 people away!) When we walked in, a lovely girl stopped us and said "You're Carly! I talk to you on Twitter!" It turns out this lady was Leisha who I've been talking to because we are both fans of Mel and Patience's podcasts and we are both going to New York soon. Leisha was there with her husband.

The comedy show featured a range of Australian comedians - Mel Buttle plus Glenn Robbins and Tom Gleeson, and a few other up and comers.It was a lot of fun, and good to have a weeknight outing.Here is Glenn Robbins. We chatted about my old man crush on Mick Molloy. Tom Gleeson was very good dealing with a heckler.
Mel Buttle was very funny. She does great voice impersonations.
In the break I walked to the bar to get a drink and two girls smiled at me. After I got my water, they stopped me and asked if I was Carly. One of the girls, Bonnie, said she had tweeted me in the day telling me she's off to see Mel Buttle too. She also said she read my skin hunger post, and gave me a hug!! I was SO excited! She and her friend were so unreserved in speaking to me and when we hugged, it was a lovely feeling. And then she told me she read my post about sex too! Awkward! Gosh it felt strange for stranger to know so much about me! We talked for about 10 minutes - the girls were so nice! How funny I got a hug after putting it out there that I want to be touched more!

After the show we had another drink, and then hung out with Mel for half an hour or so - she's funny, lovely and so intelligent. I guess I was like the stranger who gave me a hug in Mel's company, knowing a lot about had due to her podcast, and discussing her stories with her.

It was a great night!

Again, thank you again for all your support on this blog.

Here's Leisha, her husband, Clare and I with Mel Buttle :)

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  1. Have been out of the loop Carly so just catching up reading your posts. This sounds like a great night out and am pleased you're getting lots of readers to your blog. Thanks so much for your kind comments on mine too. Hope you're well x


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