09 May 2012

Border Mail article. FIRST article

I was featured in my hometown paper - The Border Mail - on Saturday. It's a piece on blogging.
Thanks to Sue Wallace for the interview and article, and to Robyne Young for scanning and emailing it. :)

Also there's this article I sent in for Ichthyosis Awareness Month.
 Read the full article here.

It feels strange to be edited in American English! Apologizzzzzzed ;)

I'll be writing more about Ichthyosis Awareness Month soon. For lots of info and stories about Ichthyosis visit FIRST. They do a great job in education and facilitating connections.


  1. Congratulations for being featured in the best newspaper in the land. From a slightly prejudiced ex-Alburyite. Cherrie

    1. There a small world you're from Albury too!

  2. The Border Mail article is really great! Congrats!

    And good luck for tomorrow's Best Blogs announcement...

  3. FAMOUS! Can I have your autograph? Haha

    Great job :)

  4. This is beyond awesome, well done, lovely!!
    Heidi xo


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