10 May 2012

Home grown

I'm home. Home for the funeral. It's nice. This small town that I've wanted to escape from can often embrace. It's always warmer here. People in the street give a nod or a hello. The sunshine was delicious today. The sky spans further than I'll ever see in the city.

My Dad, he spoils me. He makes sure I never goes without. He bought everything I like for lunch today - cheese, cold meats and a pork pie. He served it with homegrown sprouts and tomatoes. And he's so proud of me. So proud. I told him I didn't win the Best Blogs competition and that the blogger who did (Eden Riley) is the best writer in the world. He told me how great it was that I was a finalist - and empathised when I told him I don't think I am consistent. Dad's a great writer too. We picked vegetables from the garden and I distracted the sheep while he went in the paddock to put feed down for them. We've had adult conversations, and playful ones too. He has just told me that I'm "not just a silly bimbo" after I've shown him how to create a mix tape for the funeral. Hah! Such a Dad compliment. When I was little he told me I'll always be his little girl, even when I'm 30. I'm 30 now.

Mum's come home from work. I want to cook dinner with her and talk over glasses of wine, near the fire. We'll talk about food mostly - I bought her a subscription to a beautiful food magazine and we'll talk about the New York street food in the latest issue. I have bought her a jacket from the op shop today. It's a beautiful grass green jacket. Dad hates it but I think Mum will love it.There'll be laughs too. There always are.

It's nice being home. This week I've felt a bit lost this week. Now I'm here, with my parents, who just get me. I really appreciate and love my parents. I'm so lucky to have them.

Edit: Mum hates the jacket. She told me. And then we burst into a fit of laughter.


  1. Sometimes the best people to be around, and the only people who fully understand you are your family. I hope you're doing alright.

  2. Lovely post Carly. A trip home sounds like good medicine, in spite of the sad circumstances

    ...and your parents will be some of the few people who will ever give you the honest truth. Isn't it refreshing?...

  3. I need a photo of the jacket. Only parents would say they hate it and then laugh with you.

  4. haha oh poor jacket :) warm post carly. nice to be home, even amongst sad circumstances.
    Heidi xo

  5. Hi Carly, haven't had a chance to catch up this week. So sorry to hear that your grandfather has died. I hope today wwent as well as it could have and am sure you made your family proud reading his poetry. Am pleased you're with your mum and dad now too. Take care this weekend x

  6. I'm sorry for your loss Carly, but its great that you have such a good relationship with your parents. xxx

  7. Im sorry for your families loss but so happy you got to feel the wonderful warmth of home again xx


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