03 February 2013

The weekend so far: The Australian Music Prize, cooking, friends and Fonda.

It's such a social weekend, this one. And the week ahead is set to be social too - filled with my day job, a networking event, making a podcast and dinners with friends. I am loving being a social butterfly but I must remember to take time to relax and unwind so I'm not overwhelmed with activity. Must. Pace. Myself.

On Friday night (so cold and rainy), I went to Federation Square with Clare and watched the Coopers Australian Music Prize shortlist being announced by Bob Evans and Clare Bowditch, and saw some great up and coming bands (they were shortlisted) play live. It was good to see the bands' friends and fans come support these bands - cheering them enthusiastically, amd fist pumping. And they were all so stylish. There was a fan-friend of Daily Meds in an amazing yellow sequinned knitted jacket and army green pants - I loved it!

I surprisingly enjoyed the hip hop, especially Urthboy's set (Jane Tyrrell, his companion singer, is wonderful), and want to explore more of it. My favourite performance of the night was Jess Riberirio and the Bone Collectors. It's the first time the AMP has been open to a public audience and I think it worked well - bought great live music to the masses.

The shortlist is as follows:

Flume – Flume

Tame Impala -‐ Lonerism

The Presets – Pacifica

Grand Salvo -‐ Slay Me In My Sleep

Jess Ribeirio & The Bone Collectors -‐ My Little River

Liz Stringer -‐ Warm In the Darkness

Daily Meds -‐ Happy Daze

Hermitude -‐ Hyper-‐Paradise

Urthboy -‐ Smokey’s Haunt

The winner is announced in March, and will receive $30,000.

Yesterday was a domestic day, I love those kinds of days. I got some groceries at the grocer and butcher in my local shopping strip, and came home to cook some meals for the week ahead, plus some meals for the freezer. The house smelled great! I am excited by food.

In one pot there was beef chilli with red kidney beans, tomato, onion, capsicum, zucchini, pumpkin and fresh green chillis. I'll serve it with yoghurt and cheese.

In the other pot there was a curry made from lamb, potatoes, dates, carrots, cauliflower, capsicum, onion, chick peas and garlic, and a home made curry powder of cardamom, cumin, tumeric, coriander, cinnamon and salt, plus plain yoghurt and fresh red chilli. I tasted some curry and it was the best. Sweet, warm and spicy.

You may remember the cute chicken playground I saw painted on the side of a chicken shop. Well I was excited to see this beauty on the side of a florist as I carried my groceries to my car. Isn't it the prettiest?!
At night I went out with Pip - it was a great night. We ate at Fonda in Richmond, and didn't run out of things to say all night. We talked and talked and talked! I found her so interesting. Funny that we have connections aside from blogging too.

I love Fonda - its service is quick and the food tastes light and fresh. A little noisy, but that comes with attracting a hip crowd.

To start, we had baked tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, and cocktails. I chose the frozen margarita with elderflower and lychee - heaven! I also had horchata - a delicious cold drink that tastes like rice pudding.

Pip had a quesadilla filled with cheese, beans and chorizo (which I later ordered as I was still hungry!) and I had a fish taco and vegetarian taco. I find the fish taco is a bit too much like fish fingers, but it is still pretty good. The vegetarian taco was really flavoursome - lots of avocado, zucchini and corn - I will order two next time. The quesadilla was hearty and rich, I still have leftovers for breakfast!

We took a selfie - I was worried about being too busty in this one.

And an outfit shot. This dress is from ASOS - so cheap and I adore the rose print skirt and the tulle petticoats underneath.

Must get out of bed now - I'm doing a little road trip today, going to see Heidi. So excited. More food is in store, I know it!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ps: I'd love it I'd you could click like on my photo - I entered it in the Life Flashes photography competition for Donate Life Week - there's a camera up for grabs if I win! Thank you! And check out the other fantastic photos there while you're at it.



  1. What a fun and food filled weekend, so far! Sounds awesome.
    Great idea, bringing the AMP to the public, and a showcase for new acts - somebody is thinking!!

    1. It was great with the AMP - maybe a similar thing could happen with announcement of the ARIAs or APRAs? The crowd got a bit restless during the presentation parts, but overall they were great, really enthused by the bands especially.

  2. I've never seen that word before Carly! Cheaqanat and I'm checking out that hip hip Urthboy as we speak. Thanks for broadening my interests even more! P x

    1. Haha Pip that was a typo caused by the iPad! Cheaqanat = service. Don't ask me how!!
      I guess it makes me seem multilingual!!


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