11 February 2013

My first podcast appearance - Tale Teller

Last week I was invited by a twitter friend, Philippe Perez, to be a guest on his Tale Teller podcast. Phillipe works on community radio (3CR and SBS) and is studying journalism. We've been tweeting for a couple of years now.

Tale Teller is about storytellers of all sorts. I was honoured to be asked. This was the first time I'd met Philippe and we got along really well.We had dinner, drinks and saw some street art. This one is by Ruskidd and is in Napier St Fitzroy.

We chatted about my blogging journey, the tools I use to blog, the places it's taken me, and advice I have for bloggers (JUST START AND KEEP GOING, I say!!). Some of the stuff I said on the podcast is tongue in cheek - please don't think I am that egotistical! Also, a couple of people have said that I don't sound like they imagined - apparently I sound 12 years old!

Doing the podcast was a lot of fun, and I'd like to do more on a regular basis. Thanks for having me Philippe!

You can listen to the podcast here.

It should be on iTunes soon.

I hope you enjoy listening and get some blogging advice from the podcast.

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  1. Just a little note to say thanks for coming on Carly once again!


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