04 February 2013

Cirque Du Soleil's OVO - Docklands, Melbourne

After being blown away by Cirque Du Soleil in New York, I said to Mum that we must go see it while it's in Melbourne. I am so glad we did! OVO is playing at the Docklands in Melbourne until 24 March, and begins in Perth on 14 April. Tickets are priced from $64 - $265 (plus processing fee) - we got cheap seats in the back row and still had a great view!

This post contains some spoilers, so if you haven't seen the show yet, and don't want to know what happens, don't read on!

Mum and I got to the tent early as the tickets advised - I said to Mum that they must get you there early so you'll buy lots of stuff! There was so much merchandise to choose from, and snacks and drinks were expectantly expensive. They did a cunning thing with the water - water coolers to refill your drink bottles - but the only drink bottles available were those metal ones, with a Cirque Du Soleil logo on them, and for $8! I did get one as the show was 2.5 hours and I needed a drink throughout.

The characters in OVO are insects, and the story takes place in a garden, when a giant egg comes there way. The insects are beautifully costumed - featuring vibrant colours, and remarkably correct anatomy.
The show was magic! I loved the acrobats, the set, costumes, clowns and the wow factor. For much of the show, I sat on the edge of my seat, amazed at the skill of these artists and the agility and power of the human body. I said to Mum, the audience was not as reserved as in New York - there was cheering and clapping at the end of each routine. 

There was so much to look at throughout the show. This was one of my favourite routines - foot jugglers, jugging giant slices of kiwi fruit and corn, balancing on one another's feet, and jumping from person to person. I smiled so much while watching this - magic!

I also loved the butterflies hatching from their cocoons doing doing ballet on the trapeze - so graceful and elegant. The two acrobats were loosely harnessed to their ropes - it was definitely edge of your seat stuff. The trampoline rock wall was pretty spectacular too - the acrobats were jumping up the walls and doing backflips on the floor. And the tightrope walker who unicycled on that tightrope - first upright and then upside down balancing on his head - was certainly a dare devil!

There was a half an hour intermission - I saw the sunset under the Bolte outside.
And the security guard recognised me from No Limits!

The production was seamless - lots of distractions like clowns or dancers - hid the changes in set. Also, if an acrobat didn't quite make their footing or weren't able to reach the trapeze, the audience were so supportive, applauding them for trying. It's a difference from the audience booing mistakes or losses in sporting events. There was such precision in the acrobats' movements - while I expect it's heavily practised, one small mistake could result in serious injury.

I love how the tent was decorated - this was the VIP section, with a lush garden and light show outside. 

Mum and I left feeling so uplifted. Cirque Du Soleil's OVO was spectacular. We felt so lucky to be able to see it in Australia. When we were on the tram, a fellow audience member gave me her program because her family had three copies - such a nice gesture!

And look at this moonshine over the big top! Such a magic night. 

I thoroughly recommend seeing Cirque Du Soleil - but tickets are selling fast, so you better hurry!

The Age has a wonderful behind the scenes look at Cirque Du Soleil if you are interested.  Read it here.

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