18 June 2012

A weekend full of good conversations

Not everything went to plan over the weekend. Never mind - there are future opportunities for catch ups, and cancellations meant I got some much needed rest.

On Saturday night I went to Mitchell's party off Chapel Street. It was a dress up affair - with good wine and food, and great conversation. I chatted to three of his female friends for hours, we just clicked. They were dressed beautifully too. I went home so happy for meeting some fabulous new people.

Mitchell also gives the best hugs ever.

On Sunday I bought some new walking shoes, then braved the cold to go to a cafe in Lygon Street to have a thick hot chocolate and write my speech. I then headed up to the Trades Hall to watch Sam Johnson in conversation with Catherine Deveny and later Clementine Ford. What a wonderful, inspiring afternoon.

I met my girl-crush, Chrissie Swan, to which I was a bit tongue tied/star struck. We sat on the couch with Yumi Stynes, under a blankie for the most part, because it was so very cold.  Yumi and Chrissie are just lovely - I really enjoyed chatting with them.

 Here is Clementine, Catherine and Sam on stage.
The conversation between Catherine and Sam, and then with Clementine joining them, was so engaging, so interesting. Sam is really honest about his life, opening up about suicide, fame and grief. I have always found him really genuine - self deprecating at times. He is always more interested in the people he is talking to rather than himself. He really is a selfless person too - helping young people at risk and raising money for various charities. It is perhaps a person's vulnerability that makes them a good story teller.

After the main conversation I had a quick chat to him - he was very interested in what I've been doing, and also encouraging of my journey. We talked about the pressures from our audience and the importance to write or act for ourselves.
It was a lovely weekend and at the end of it, I felt tired, and a bit sad for all Sam's been through, but uplifted and inspired too.

And Sam's hugs (I got three) are on par with Mitch's!


  1. Sounds like you had a weekend of meeting wonderful new people.
    I have seen,I think it was a doco,on Sam and he seemed a very down to earth guy who has been through a lot and loves to help people.You have good taste in the celebrities you admire.
    Your photo collection must be a great conversation piece by now.Hope you get to add many many more.xx

  2. What a big weekend!! I'm a bit jealous actually!

  3. what a wonderful weekend you had! Hot Chocolate on Lygon street sounds divine! I love Sam Johnson, ever since I first saw him on that Aussie tv show (cant remember the name of it damn it!) he seems so sweet and sincere! He's had a rough ride and still has that infectious smile!

  4. So glad you had a amazing weekend Carly! (Cafes, meet ups, meeting new fabulous people? I'm a bit jealous myself. ;) )

  5. Was Chrissie as lovely as she seems? She's my girl crush too!



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