30 June 2012

Hello from Los Angeles

As I type this I am lying in a very big bed in The Hilton at LA Airport. I am on my stop over to London. The flight was good - Air New Zealand staff were brilliant and I cannot recommend them more. As I have been working with the medical team for my creams, I have been getting lots of assistance like help with my baggage (lots of it), extra blankets and water, and extra leg room. My skin handled the 15 hour flight from Melbourne to New Los Angeles much better than I expected. New Zealand airport is small. Everyone I met was friendly. There is a lot of merino wool, lanolin and placenta for sale at ridiculous prices. I just bought three honey sachiets to ward off my aeroplane cold. Los Angeles airport is huge. I took a sneaky photo of the sign at Customs and then heard a woman say "no photos allowed". My fingerprints wouldn't work on the scanner but my retinas were fine. The Customs lady asked me all about my skin in two minutes. What happened? Why? Who in my family has it? Did they tell me the name of it? What can they do about it? Whether I'm here for treatment. She was Very Official so I answered all her questions. Quickly and politely. When asked what I do for work I said "I am a writer". Yes I am. Everyone is friendly here too. And beautiful. I took a bus trip to a small shopping centre near Manhattan Beach (the beach is stunning) and so many people on the bus talked to me. I had not eaten since I am not sure when, and the last thing I ate was a mouthful of some really ordinary eggs and a glass of champagne while descending over America. So I was famished. I ordered some cheesy fries and fish tacos and a cocktail. My god. The cheesy fries came on a plate about the size of a car tyre. I ate about four fries and all my taco. The lovely waitress couldn't stop laughing at how surprised I was about the serving sizes. It is 830 pm here now and I cannot decide if I need food. Also while I think of it, the first song I heard In America was Gotye's Somebody that I used to know. And for the first time in my life I saw my Dad without a moustache. It was hard to get used to. No photos this blog as the photos are on my iPhone and I am not getting good phone reception here. But I have been a good tourist and will update in London. Will write again soon.


  1. Funny about the Gotye song. The first music I heard when I went to Sydney was Springsteen's "Born in the USA"!

  2. That's funny about the Gotye song. We heard Men at Work's 'Down Under' way more times than strictly necessary on the radio in taxis in Portugal earlier this year. Strange.

  3. I just played his Gotye's video (on my cable On Demand channel). What a huge coincidence!
    I'm so glad you had a good flight and that they didn't give you any flack about your medications. Next stop London, then to NY?
    Are you tweeting? I guess it's time I started following you around the world.
    Just enjoy every moment. You deserve this.

  4. So glad the flight and first hours are going so well!

    SSG xxx

  5. It all sounds very exciting already! I'm looking forward to hearing more once you arrive in London.

  6. Glad it's going well Carly! Look forward to reading more about your adventures :)

  7. Glad to hear your flight went well, Carly. Your Dad is here with us, and while being a good tourist himself, he's also very proud of all you have achieved, and is excited about your trip for you. Have a great time.
    PS He reckons he's in disguise without his moustache because he's bigger than the Beatles. See what you've started with FB?

    1. Like that Tania...Rog is funny though ........

  8. Hi Carly, so pleased you're on your way and your skin is coping with the travel so far too. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Stay safe and enjoy it all xx

  9. Aahhhh LAX airport staff - they're a unique lot !
    So glad to hear that you are half way there and feeling good. Enjoy LA and the rest of your travels. Looking forward to traveling along with you.
    D x

  10. Welcome to the US! I wish I lived closer so I could come hang out while you're here! Keep having a fantastic trip!

  11. I agree with your polite approach with customs staff, in all my travels I believe it's never wise to give attitude to anyone with the power to strip/cavity search!!


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