19 June 2012

If this was my last meal, I'd die happy.

Camille and I just had lunch. I have no words. Last meal sort of stuff.

Pork belly tacos with sweet potato fries.

Banana burrito with chocolate icecream, fairy floss, marscapone, popping candy and fairy floss. We giggled all the way through our dessert. Popping candy is like having marbles in your head.

We had another dessert between us but couldn't manage it so it's sitting pretty in my freezer.

Off to hospital now to give my speech - wish me luck!


  1. Fab meal indeed!

    Best of luck with the speech.

    SSG xxx

  2. OMG that food was so good, and your speech was brilliant!

  3. I just read about this meal over at Cam's. OMG. I can't believe how good it all looks and sounds!

    Good luck with your travels and your speech!

  4. just saw Cam being a food blogger & popped round to wish you the best of luck on your speech!!


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