01 April 2012

The week in pictures

Getting ready for a night out.
Dinner out with the girls at Spice Temple - delicious!
Flower and candle arrangement at Spice Temple
Dinner that I cooked: pasta with cauliflower, peas, homegrown tomatoes cooked in chicken stock, with fried pork, chilli and Parmesan. Yum! And quick!
 The gorgeous Canberra sky
Mural in a kid's store called Lellow in Canberra - painted by Lisa Tea
Maggie Beer burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel icecream and cake at Cam's. 
I met weather girl Livinia Nixon at the Blogger's BBQ. I suggested she blog under a pseudonym - Nivinia Lixon, perhaps?


Thank you for reading my blog. I love receiving comments :)
I really appreciate the time you've taken to write to me, and to share something about yourself.


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