30 April 2012

Steve Poltz at Riverview Footscray - again!

I was hanging out for Friday night like you wouldn't believe. It was the first of two Steve Poltz gigs I was attending on his Australian tour. And it was a chance for me to celebrate my Best Blogs finalist placement. A few drinks were in order. An early start at work, then 4:30 drinks with the work girls, a quick shower and outfit change and then I taxied it to the Riverview Function Centre in Footscray. How exciting to see a gig so close to home! The function centre overlooks the Maribyrnong River and faces the city skyline - a beautiful sight at night - neon and sparking on the water.

My friend and I sat on a table with Steve's manager Chris Modl, his graphic designer and music journalist Paul Cashmere (I was kind of in awe, having read Undercover since way back when I was 15, and now Noise 11) and his wife and another photographer. We chatted about The Voice and accommodation recommendations in Los Angeles and Instagram (we are all addicted).

Matt from Riverview put on a San Diego feast - well priced food and beer, inspired by Steve Poltz's home town in California. I ate like a lumberjack, and the others on the table were impressed. Two fish tacos, two beef burritoes with guacomole, salsa and slaw, and later on a flan (or "flaarrrn" as Steve Poltz pronounces it!). So yum!
Jessica Paige opened the show, like last time. A beautiful voice and melancholy songs, though she ended on Here Comes the Sun which was delightful.

When Steve Poltz came out, we moved to the front row. I like to view bands from the front row, though this proved to make me blush on Friday night as Steve pointed me out quite a few times! And it takes a lot for me to physically blush as you can imagine! He asked me how I was, and I managed a girly giggle, and it was all laughs from there. He used my name in a song, and rhymed blogging with jogging and eggnogging, and didn't expect me to request Handjob on a church bus - "but I want to do the actions" I said!

He played a lot of songs from his new album Noineen Noinee Noin - the title playfully mocks the Australian accent, and refers to a conversation Steve had on his first trip to Australia with Jewel in 1998 (noineen noinee ate?). His songs at this show were quite romantic, and again, so beautiful on the guitar. He is so passionate about his music, and you can really see it in his facial expressions that he loves playing. He did play a few classics: Silver Lining, Cold German, my request, and the Rugburns' favourite Fairies. I like his improv - when he singled out a couple in the small audience and commented on their love for each other, and when he pointed out ladies who were "the most improved" for their handjob actions. I also loved the voice alteration tool - so clever how he makes music with his voice alone.

Again, he stopped to chat for ages after the show. Such a lovely guy. I am seeing him again at the Northcote Social Club on Thursday, and he's also playing at Ruby's in Belgrave on Wednesday.

Thanks for coming Steve, you always make me happy!

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  1. He is a fantastic performer! I was a little shocked at the precision of your hand actions Carly! :) Mel


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