22 January 2012

Sunday snippets - Instagram mania

Here are a few pictures from this week. There's a lot of food! And I have really taken to Instagram! You told me so!

Farmers market breakfast. Best. So much goodness from brioche, poached egg, polenta, fennel, apple and cabbage salad, salsas and zatar spice.
 Chocolate martini at After the Tears.
 Some beauty growing on the nature strip.
On Monday I got an airconditioner installed in my room. It is heaven.
 This book is making me excited! I want to do Brooklyn flea market so much! We are so close to booking flights and accommodation!
I am trying very hard to save. While I did pick up a sensible sunhat and a pair of walking shoes, I splurged ($12) on these forest animal rings from Sportsgirl.
 A pork dumpling from Miss Chu.
Like seven inches from the midday sun. Such a scorcher on Tuesday. This was taken on iPhone but filtered with Swankolab.
 Very sore on Wednesday. I'll save your eyes by not posting a picture of my bloody leg (but you may have already seen it on Twitter or Facebook). I went home from work sick, and had a big rest. The pharmacy home delivered. I am still a bit sore.
 A mini Reece's peanut butter cup. Amazing.
 A wrapped cup.
 Lollypop dress outside After the Tears.
I want these shoes so badly. These were not the sensible walking shoes I bought. I saw them in Paper magazine while waiting for the aircon to be installed.
 Lunch at work (paella - pot lucked from the freezer) with a faux beach view.
 Croquembouche cupcake.
 Drinks menu. I had a frozen coconut and pineapple on that scorcher of a day.
All in all, not a bad week, despite being sore. Hope your week ahead is a great one!

Sunday snippets can be found at tinniegirl.


  1. I love your lollypop dress! And that breakfast looks divine.

  2. I would like a Croquembouche cupcake next time I come to visit please! Yummmm!

    RG xx


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