14 January 2012

Instagramming it up

So I got through so much of my to-do list today. Tomorrow is another full day of writing, and then I'll have dinner with the lovely Lanelle! I can't wait. Feeling very pleased with my productivity.

I signed up to Instagram when I had a break from doing stuff. If you use it too, look me up - I am carlyfindlay.

I have never seen the appeal of retro looking photos. I mean, I like actual retro photos, but I can't quite see the reason for making modern day photos look retro. But today I saw the light. And I have come to love Instagram. It is quirky and whimsical. I can see myself Instagramming my every move through the day.

Here are some of my photos I Instagrammed. Because I didn't do anything very exciting today, they are mostly 'retro' photos - circa 2010/11.

I'm Instagramming it with the best of them.


  1. Love the portrait of you!
    I haven't got into the craze myself, but do love the pics people post!

  2. I am such a huge Instagram fan myself ...

    Thanks for adding me...
    Have a great weekend..:)

  3. Lovely photos! I love the ring in the 4th pic!
    I wish I could instagram but I have an android phone, drat!

  4. I'm in love with your white and purple dress - details please!!

  5. Love the photos. I'm totally into this craze. It makes my terrible photography look half reasonable on my blog.

    And can I just say, you look amazing in that dress. I wish I could wear shift dresses, I look like I'm wearing a sack, you look awesome.

  6. I love that you're all instagramming it up now!! It's so much fun :) & I love that dress, you look stunning, Carly!! Favourite.
    Heidi xo


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