24 January 2012

Engaging with children is funny

Last Thursday I wrote about how nice it was to engage with a child on the tram. I had another experience of engaging with a child I want to share with you. Because it's making me laugh just thinking about it, and I hope it makes you laugh too.
(Photo sourced from Bern Morley with permission)

I don't often get children asking me funny questions about my skin. Perhaps that stems from the discomfort I mentioned when they do get scared/curious. But on Friday night when I had dinner at Bern Morley's house and met her great family for the first time - they really are just how she's described on her blog - her youngest had us in stitches due to his upfront-ness and curiosity. He told us about his girlfriend, showed us how to kiss, and generally wouldn't sit still.

The kids took to me pretty well - forward with conversation and not shying away. About an hour and a half into the night, after dinner, Jack, who has just turned five and so very cute and cheeky, came up to me with his colouring book and crayons. He said he'd colour in a picture for me, because he is "VERY GOOD AT COLOURING IN" - it is like he speaks in caps lock all the time.

He rubbed up against my arm and asked 'where is your real skin?'. His voice was lower than caps lock this time.

I was stumped. Never been asked that question before. "Ummm. This is my real skin", I answered, trying not to laugh.

I can't remember exactly how the conversation went after that, but I did explain I was born like this, just like he was born with green eyes.

In caps lock Jack said "LIKE I WAS BORN WITH BIG RED NUTS!"

We all laughed so hard!

"I was", Jack said".

"I wasn't born with big red nuts" I replied.

"WHY?" Jack asked.

"Because girls aren't born with nuts", Bern told him.

When he went to bed, he gave me a kiss goodnight. I told him he's the first boy who's kissed me in ages. He promptly wiped his mouth. Adorable. 


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