03 January 2012

Some exciting news!

I survived the first day back at work for the year. Only approximately 29 weeks until my American holiday!!

I have a few blog post ideas on the go - drafts in my iPhone, written in last night's 30 degree heat (I couldn't sleep) but you'll have to excuse me for this super short post.

Today when I got home, I had a package in the mail. I actually had three packages, all quite exciting. But the most exciting package was one containing a formal offer for me to do some casual community engagement work, speaking about my ichthyosis and diversity to school students! It will be in addition to my full time job and other commitments (thesis, writing, blog, trip planning) but I am still SO excited! To think it all started because I gave a speech to a group of Girl Guides in October!

I'm on my way to my dream. 2012 will be my year!

(That bit of good news helped me cope with the news that Hamish Blake is now off the market. He is engaged. Not to me. Obviously. Because if it were the case, THAT news would have surpassed the news that I've just written about. Congratulations to him and his fiance. :) Seriously. I am happy for them.)


  1. Congratulations Carly, absolutely superb news! It will be a great experience and you will nail it!

  2. Congrats on the offer! You'll be fantastic at addressing the audience!

    Ps: I know shame about hamish but so happy for them they look adorable together!

    Happy 2012

  3. That is awesome news! I think you will be brilliant and I have no doubt that you will make some serious impacts on those kids. What a great way to start the year.

  4. Congratulations Carly! This is so amazing, you must be thrilled! I'm very excited and happy for you :D


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