24 July 2011

Three Bags Full review by Jentopia

Yesterday my good friend, colleague and blogger Jentopia and I had brunch at Three Bags Full cafe. It was lovely catching up in the winter sunshine. Jen wrote a brilliant review and said I could post it here on my blog. My thoughts about Three Bags Full: What she said! Thanks for letting me do some lazy blogging today!

Review: Three Bags Full (Abbotsford)

This morning I met up with my friend Carly, blogger and passionate bruncher for..well, brunch. Carly had a hankering Three Bags Full after our last visit there in January so over the ‘other side of town’ we went.
After a relatively short wait, which was expected anyway we got what I think are the best seats in the place.
Sitting on a bench, in full sunshine – right next to where all the baristas are working.

It was glorious. We could hear each other talk, were warm and could see everything going on!
In our prime position we could also inspect the machine that apparently does ‘clover’. The kind barista noticed our interest and gave us a taste. Carly is not a coffee drinker, but I was hoping I would be able to appreciate it. Nope. It looked like weak tea, but tasted like strong coffee. I did not detect any ‘roasted green peppers’, and quite bravely (I thought), Carly ‘shotted’ the rest of the glass.

As I’ve long suspected I’m a coffee hack. Whatever, just gimme my skinny latte.
We ordered a skinny latte for me, and a hot chocolate for Carly. Deciding on what to have to eat, I decided in the spirit of my porridge posts, I had to get the porridge but was pretty hungry so got some fruit toast too. Carly ordered the sticky black gingerbread , with sides of salmon and a corn, pea and feta fritter.
The porridge was good, not mind blowingly good though, and while I’m probably being a bit of a goldilocks, could have been hotter. It had rhubarb and pistachio on it, which added a nice little something.
The fruit bread was delicious, although as usual I was a pelican and could only eat one piece although had a nibble on the second slice.

By all reports Carly’s breakfast was nice too, apparently she is a fritter fiend and she reported the fritter to be nice, but not as good as the one at Auction Rooms. I ordered a second coffee, but it never arrived – I didn’t mind too much as I didn’t need it anyway I was pretty full. They were genuinely apologetic so all was forgiven!
For some reason they kept thinking we were waiting on a third person, which sitting in our little spot would have been a bit squishy. The waitress came over and asked if our friend was still coming because there was a guy looking for a place to sit. He was apparently good looking so I switched spots with Carly. As I am married its a rule I have to give up my seat for single people. A bit like the train.

Anyway, the guy never came over – maybe he didn’t want to get cosy with us? I think I saw him later reading a broadsheet and there’s no way he would have had room for it in our spot.

All in all, as usual Three Bags Full delivered and it was well worth the trip, and the hellish traffic going home.
Location: 60 Nicholson St Abbotsford
Website: Three Bags Full
Twitter: @3bagsfullcafe
Coke Rating: No coke for you!

- Jen


  1. woop woop! black sticky gingerbread! I'm addicted.....completely and utterly addicted.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. yes must must must try auction rooms!!

  2. Yum! I ate here when I recently went to Melbourne and my sister got the porridge and loved it! I got roast mushrooms which were divine. I thought it was very hipster, haha :)
    Hannah x


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