11 July 2011

My feature in New Idea magazine

Today I feature in Australian tabloid magazine New Idea. I have done an interview and a photoshoot . Of course I was reluctant. I want to be in control of my story, as I've written. I've studied journalism and am a freelance writer. I am aware of some of the tricks and traps.

I was extremely hesitant of speaking to the media. I don't want sensationalism or pity. I have seen the draft of the New Idea story and I am very pleased. While I didn't write it, my words have been used as quotes and I've been portrayed well. It's a lovely story.  I don't believe I've compromised my integrity or lost my dignity.

Working my own story on DiVine, Ramp Up, No Limits and this blog allows me to reach a discerning and somewhat converted audience. However, I believe by me being courageous enough to present myself to mainstream media may help me change perceptions about disabilities and chronic illnesses in an audience who I haven't yet reached. An audience who may need an insight into what it's like living with looking so different.

My ichthyosis creates such polarising reactions - from pity, criticism and discomfort, to mouth-gaping horror - that sometimes using my looks when telling my story is the only way to create awareness and acceptance. I am strong, intelligent, articulate and confident, and I need to show this alongside a picture.

I have had some other media outlets approach me and I am considering their invites after receiving valuable advice from respected bloggers, PR companies and disability advocates.

While I was worried about my story being in the hands of the mainstream media, I am more worried about the reaction I may receive from those who know me, particularly in the disability community. I hope you respect my decision to share my story with New Idea and possibly other media outlets. This may be the launching pad for my Changing Faces dream, and even a bigger publishing opportunity. And it may make the ignorant think twice and give hope to others with ichthyosis.

Go out and get yourself a copy of New Idea magazine. I can autograph your copy ;)


  1. Carly this is big, well done! You're right, it will hopefully bring much good awareness and many opportunities! I look forward to reading it :)
    Heidi xo

  2. Honey, I think that's great! You are doing the right thing, in my humble opinion. All the world should know what a wonderful person you are!

    And if by reading your story, people can have a better understanding of your condition and about how they treat people based on how they look - even better.

    Will keep an eye out for your story. xxx

  3. I think it's amazing. You are amazing, so the more that know that the better, but more important than that, you are championing your condition. Hopefully making people understand it better. xx Will be getting later on today.xx

  4. Being visible when you have differences is really important and it's so awesome you are widening your audience. I'll be looking out for it:)

  5. Congratulations, Carly!

    This might be the first time I ever buy 'New Idea'!

  6. Thanks everyone :) enjoy the article and spread the word.

  7. Hi Carly, It was weird buying a copy of New Idea! Normally I scan these while waiting at the Doctors or to get a hair cut!! Anyway you look FABULOUS!! Well done. Love the dress. I kept thinking about how cold you said you were on the day they took the photos! It's a wonderful way to share your story.

  8. This will be the first time that I've ever bought New Idea. I can't wait so grab a copy tomorrow & read your story!

  9. Congrats! I bought the mag especially and you came across really well spoken. I also really loved the floral dress in the first photo. Good on you for having the courage to publish your story, I wish I could learn to be less shy myself x

  10. I came here after reading the article in New Idea. As a fellow blogger and writer I was interested in checking out your blog. The article was tastefully done and not knowing you I can say the big thing that shone through for me was your determination to achieve your goals and what you put your mind to. Your disability while it's a big part of who you are and obviously important, was secondary when I read the story.
    I find people who set goals and go after them extremely inspiring - well done to you and good luck with achieving everything you set out to achieve.

  11. Yay Carly thats awesome! Good on you for sharing your story with the wider public. Youre such an inspiration and I'm glad that others that may not read your blog can learn about your condition and what an amazing person you are x

  12. Carly, you are just gorgeous inside and out. You're inspirational and I just love the advice your Dad gave you early on which obviously you've used as a guide to your life. Going into New Idea was a huge step and I applaud you for that, cos you never know how MSM are going to treat you. Your message of ability rather than disability is so important.
    We can talk about it over a Rush marathon :-)) xx

  13. Carly,

    You have an amazing personality and are such an inspiration to others! I would love to buy a copy of New Idea to have and show to my daughter, and keep for when she gets older. Where can I buy it? I'm in the USA... Any info would be greatly appreciated. *HUGS*

    -Anna Dawn

  14. I think anyone who would know you would know that you are doing this for the right reasons. I can't wait to see what else you have coming out in the media! Oh and yes next time I see you can I get your autograph? I should have got it at Karoke before you went 'mainstream famous' Well Done!


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