23 July 2011

Guest post at Edenland - I choose happiness

I am guest blogging at Edenland. I have an enormous amount of respect for Eden as a writer and of course, as a person. She is tough and articulate and not afraid to take the piss. It's a privilege to be writing for her.

I wrote about my choice to be happy while living with ichthyosis, and the negativity received from another person with the illness. Here's a paragraph:

I have chosen a good life for myself. I could have sat at home hidden away, covering up, being ashamed. It's been suggested that I do. But I've worked hard at my own integration. I've had the support and encouragement from my parents. I've shown everyone I've encountered that I CAN. The road hasn't been smooth. I've experienced judgement, loneliness, fear, heartbreak the desire not to have ichthyosis, bullying and physical pain. But I've just gotten on with life, despite the bullshit. Nothing has been handed to me, nothing has just fallen into place. I've worked damn hard to prove that I am not just a red face. 

Go over to Eden's blog and read all of my guest post and check out her amazing writing. I wrote about her on my blog a few months ago. Praising her of course. I will be seeing her next weekend at Blogopolis - and I can't wait!

Thanks for having me Eden :)


  1. Beautiful post, Carly - truly superb. You're all class.
    Heidi xo

  2. Read your Edenland post AGAIN today... so inspiring. You are helping SO many with the work you're doing and the message you're bringing. I am one of them.

    Your star will rise and rise and rise... Do it girl. Go go go!


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