16 July 2011

Thank you

Wow! What a big week I've had! Magazine appearances, a TV interview, No Limits filming and my real job. I am exhausted! And honoured.

I have been featured in New Idea magazine in Australia, and Pick Me Up magazine in the UK.  I also did a radio interview on 3CR about disability in the media.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the New Idea article I featured in, especially those who have contacted me with their wishes. The response has been amazing! Nothing like I anticipated. I was portrayed so positively. I didn't write the article but my personality did shine through. 

I received calls, texts, emails, tweets, Facebook comments and praise from people face to face. My parents are so proud.

Strangers have written to me to thank me for raising awareness about ichthyosis. Some of these strangers have ichthyosis too - I have helped them. People I haven't heard from in years have written to me, congratulating me. Others I know have told me they just didn't realise the severity of ichthyosis. Famous people have written to me. Like super blogger Kerri Sackville: "YES! Keep meaning to tell you, I was pointing in the hairdresser's yesterday - I know her! (virtually). I know her!!!! FAB article. You GO girl! xxx" And singer Genevieve Maynard wrote some kind words via email and Twitter.

Comments touched me: 

"You are so amazing. That is all."

"Great photos Carly superstar! you look fantastic!"

 "Your an inspiration to everyone out there Carly , thanks for being u:) ps loved the article and so did our little boy who decided to eat it! Hehe.... Well done"

"I'm proud to be able to call Carly my friend. She might be brave, inspiring and confident but she's also caring, funny & honorable. I'm proud of you Carly! I'm REALLY proud of you Carly. Not only have you excelled in your career but you've exelled at life (AND not just because in the article it said that the doctors warned your parents you may not survive). And I hope you are told that every day, that what you have... Is special and you DO have the power to change peoples minds and perceptions. " 

"I saw you. I read about you. I showed everyone at work your article."
And comments made me laugh:

"Great article, Carly. My 2 year old son was kissing your photo last night."

"I blame you for the fact that I now have an interest in the Royal Wedding in Monaco & Daniel Radcliffes booze consumption, but seriously congrats on landing a great piece of stereotype busting & awareness raising (paint pallette lol). A win +++++ I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings so went in Sarah Leonardi's wedding outfit while awkwardly clutching a giant white carnation. Meant I could say ""just checking how the cover shoot turned out boys"."

There have been hundreds more comments. Wow.

I also received this comment:

"Your new idea article is lovely Carly :)

... but I read your untouched blog post and it made me all teary. I have to be honest, I much prefer to read your writing! I think you should consider writing an autobiography. and then when you start a changing faces in Australia you can write part 2 :) you are much more than a new idea story of the week!"

I have also been so moved by the response I've received from my Untouched blog entry. This is one of the realities of my life. And I am so proud that the words I've written about my own experiences have resonated with so many, from people with ichthyosis and other disabilities to the man whose arms I fell asleep in. 
I think I am reaching the right people. I think I am changing perceptions. I know I am doing this by just being myself. And for that I am proud.


  1. lovely comments. lovely. all true of course. What a HUGE week. make sure you frame that article but remember the comment about being more that just a story of the week. and get to work on that book. much love.

  2. Carly I have only just met you recently but I think you ROCK! You are so much more then just a New Idea story of the week and you are doing awesome things and will continue to do so.

    I have to admit when I met you and you 'knew' who I was I was pretty blown away by that. I've always admired you from afar but now I have done it up close and heard you sing I think we should be friends :)

    Take care and hope to see you soon!
    Fee xx

  3. What a busy week but isn't it fantastic more people get to 'meet' you and hear the wonderful you? :)

  4. Hi Carly. I popped by to visit you after you liked my Ink Paper Pen online writers group facebook page. Thank you for liking. I am so glad that you did because now I have had the opportunity to read about your journey and get to know you a little. I haven't seen the New Idea article but from reading your profile I see that we share many of the same fave books (the lovely bones and roald dahl), films (little fish and little miss sunshine) and music (john butler and nirvana). I just read your Untouched blog entry and it warmed my heart. You wrote with such honesty, thanks for the perspective. Good luck on your writing journey - are you writing a book?

    Gill x

  5. Congratulations and continue with the good work

  6. And for that you should be very very proud. Well done. I feel honoured to call you a friend, just like someone else said (& I'm sure many people say). What lovely, thoughtful, true comments. What a week, Carly!!!!!
    Heidi xo

  7. I'm super behind on blogs due to my Masters getting busy again, but I just saw this and thought it was a really lovely post. I'm so happy that things have been going so well for you, I really can't think of anyone that deserves it more.

    My comment of "You are so amazing. That is all," really sums up my feelings, though, haha. xoxo


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