01 July 2011

Karaoke is the germiest fun time ever. Nobody warned me of the consequences.

This is me doing karaoke last week with a group of bloggers.
 And here are my awesome boots and sparkly leggings. Love!

Contrary to what it looked like, I only had about five drinks.
I am really very excited without alcohol. And an attention seeker. I LOVE KARAOKE. It's my calling.

The best bit was singing to songs I actually hate. Untouched by The Veronicas. Telephone by Lady Gaga.
I got into them. Yes I did. I also loved how some of the videos were so 80s and never relating to the song. This here was the clip to The Darkness's I believe in a thing called love. Okaaaaaaaay.

I loved the yumcha. Blogspot failed loading the yumcha pics.

And I loved meeting other bloggers - some for the first time, others I'd met before. FionaDorothyNicole, Amelia, Shae, Naomi, Norlin, Toushka, Amanda, Kirrily, Alli, Jody and Shelley.

And this has been my view for a lot of this week.

Sick in bed. I've been to work two days, feeling horrid. I've been to the doctor. I have been given stronger antibiotics for my thumb (three weeks today and it's almost better!) and the chest infection. I was warned by the doctor to 'watch out for pneumonia' as though it's lurking around doorways ready to kidnap me. I wish someone warned me to 'watch out for karaoke'. Lots of the other bloggers who went to karaoke are also sick.

I feel the kind of sick where I am coughing, sneezing, feverish. I am shaky. Hungry yet don't want to eat. Each cough inside the privacy of my own home is followed by a groan or an 'oh fuuuuucccckkkk'. This death by karaoke flu has been teamed with a period week and the biggest rollercoaster of emotions because of a situation that I cannot begin to write about. I am not usually the miserable sick. I am chirpy all the time. Except now.

I am cursing the germs I picked up using the communal microphones. Though without them I'd never have been able to live out my dream - singing Truly Madly Deeply to the international video clip and kissing the screen.

Post script: after not having an appetite for 24 hours - not even wanting my delicious and nutritious chicken soup I cooked last night, I prepared myself macaroni cheese deluxe. I have to eat something. It looks like custard. Tastes like salty rubber. And I cut my finger on the can. Convenience foods are dangerous. FML.


  1. Someone needs to invent some type of disposable one way germ filter to put over those karaoke microphones.... then you can sing to your hearts delight again!
    Remind me to never ever come to karaoke. Eeek!
    But seriously, I really hope you're on the mend very soon. Chest infections suck! Pneumonia sucks worse so I have my fingers crossed that those antibiotics are kicking ass.

  2. I'm hearing you loud and clear. Sickaroke it has been for sure. Loved seeing your excitement when you got to sing with the proper film clip too! Hope you're feeling much better soon. x

  3. oh god. hope you feel better soon love. I have managed to escape the fluroke. I think it had something to do with the aircon in that room. it was all kinds of wrong!

  4. My mate who's a muso warned me of the evils of random mics, he tries not to use communal mics but if he has to he's always got Glen 20 on hand to de-germ them... So next time you go out on the town for some karaoke action, take a big enough handbag for your new BFF Glen(20).

    Get well soooooon!!!

  5. Oh honey!!!!

    The good thing is your still laughing and smiling, despite the Karaoke-nemonia :( :( :(

    Hope you're feeling better.

    They really should wipe all that stuff down properly between groups at least to keep it clean. Yuk.

  6. Okay then. No karaoke for me. Ever.
    Canned mac and cheese? CANNED?? Sounds awful.

  7. Ooops! forgot to say I hope you feel much better real soon.

  8. Ugh, sickaroke strikes again. I like the idea of glen20. Perhaps we could do a sponsorship deal with them. Otherwise no more karaoke for me. Ever.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. xxx

  9. oh poor Carly! get well!

  10. Ok, not feeling like I missed out on anything any more (except lurgies)...:O Feel better all you afflicted karaoke bloggers!

  11. Are your boots louboutins...?

  12. Hehehe! Please make sure you watch out for that pneumonia! It's attacked other celebrities including Bob Hawke and Bert Newton. Just be careful in dark doorways...

    Luckily I escaped sickaroke, was just run down after some crazy stressful weeks. Did have sick children though, so may have been carrying a few bugs on me.... Ooops.... Sorry.... Glen 20 next time, I promise....!

  13. Karaoke is so much fun! I haven't been in ages - actually, since my 21st birthday party in a seedy karaoke bar. I've never gotten sick from it though...after your experience, karaoke sounds positively dangerous! Although, not quite as dangerous as that canned mac & cheese...

  14. how hilarious are those video clips? I went to the sydney karaoke and was just mesmerised, haha. sad you're sick though :(

  15. Looks like karaoke was a blast, even if it did lead to a small dose of triple pneumonia and bubonic plague!!

    Oh, and if it was the Kraft stuff, the boxed mac and cheese is WAY better than the canned, despite the canned being 'deluxe'...

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  16. Thanks for the heads up, i will make sure I take some anti-bacterial wipes with me next time and wipe the mic just before i sing lol. I hope you are feeling better soon luv :)

  17. Wow what an eventful Karaoke session that was for you and your friends Carly! Sounds like you all had a great time, but so sorry to hear you're not well now :-( Hope you're feeling better soon. I have to say, I love your sense of humour, you still manage to have a smile and see the bright side despite not feeling too great. I try to do that as best I can too, but sometimes, if I'm honest, it can be difficult.

    Take care Carly and if I was to ever go to that Karaoke night/bar I'd invest in getting my own Microphone and take it with me. At least then I'd know where it had been lol ;-) (just kidding. Take care and get well soon
    Melanie (aka Twink) xx

  18. Carly, thanks for inspiring me. I have always been too shy to do karaoke, but I will definately have a go next time the opportunity arises. It looks like fun.
    I love yr blog, and have been going through all of yr posts. I can't believe that someone else loves the same movies and shows as much as I do (even bought a copy of the Alibrandi DVD & only watch Offspring to see the clothes too! We are almost twins! Keep calm and karaoke on. Tiffany.

  19. Carly, the thing to take note here is...take your own microphone next time. I can't imagine how many other people who were probably sick, has used that bloody microphone! But on the upside, we got to meet, we got to sing our hearts out without being embarrassed and we had some yummy yum cha (at night). Sorry I still cannot wrap my head around having yum cha other than for brunch. ;)
    Hope you get well soon. And what happened to your thumb?

  20. I still cannot believe I dodged getting the sickaroke lurgy from that night! You were a classic, Carly. I will never hear Sound Garden without thinking of you ever again ;-) Hope you are feeling much better soon. You and your finger (ouch).

  21. Hi girl...
    Looks like you had a lot of fun!:)
    Quick question...any new Australian rock acts I aught to listen to?
    I am in desperate need of some new music:)

    Thanks..and have a great week!

  22. I am glad you had fun, but very sorry so many of you got sick! I love karaoke for most of the reasons that you mention, was spewing that I couldn't come along to this event.

    The last time I went to a karaoke event, the organiser had brought along little mic covers that kind of looked like tiny shower caps. They were specifically for the purpose of not getting germs from karaoke and I don't think anybody did get sick...so protection does exist! I'm just not sure where you buy them, but I'm sure the internet knows...

  23. Get well soon x

    PS: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your jacket!!

  24. Hahahaha! I only can do karaoke when I'm drunk, need the false courage!!

    Everytime I visit your blog, I honestly cant help but think abt the swallow print sportsgirl top you bought and I kinda hesitated and your blog reminds me of it everytime. WHY didn't I buy it!!!



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