14 February 2015

Valentines Day. Contentment.

I marvel at the compassion my love has for me. He never complains about how needy I must seem, and is a beautiful companion - nursing me when I am sore. He lets me sleep the pain off, and cooks dinner when I need to elevate my legs. He doesn’t complain when my clothes make his oily or when I ask him to shave because his bristles hurt my face. My favourite place is inside his hug.
My favourite place is your hug

I was reading Michelle’s post about love and illness. She writes of how her husband cares for her in the height of illness. She describes love as "a steady, gentle presence in the midst of pain and illness.” And that is so true. While Michelle’s illness and mine differ in symptoms and severity, I understand what she writes. Adam shows his love through the occasional present, but it’s the supportive gestures that mean the most. When he hugs me gently asking if I am sore, when he holds my hand during a blood test, or kissing me on the face before I’ve put my face on. They are the best times.

We held hands as we walked through a regional city today - a Valentine’s Day escape. A man yelled at me, asking if I got too much sun. When I didn’t answer him, he yelled at me again, and then Adam - trying to get his attention by calling him “hey young man”. Like me, Adam kept walking and didn’t look back. He said he never knew that sort of thing happened until he met me.

Every night before bed, I bang the pillow on the mattress, shaking the skin out of the bed and telling my fiancé, "I bet you never thought loving someone could be so complicated”. Some people affected by Ichthyosis say their loved ones call it fairy or angel dust. Such a nice thought.

We are at a hotel now. I’ve changed into new pyjamas and am under the luxury covers of the hotel bed - my skin very sore after a day out and a shower. He doesn’t seem to mind that we are just resting tonight, reading magazines, eating cheese and wandering down to the cafe later. It’s lovely being this content. 
Carly Findlay and fiancé

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. I am so glad we met.


  1. That's beautiful :-D All the very best to you both.

  2. Thanks for the inclusion, Carly. So happy you've found your someone in Adam. We all need the quiet love that infuses all our days and in turn us. The big stuff is nice, but it's that layer of sustained love in all the moments that matters so much and nourishes us where it matters most xx

  3. Awwww.... that's the most beautiful Valentine I have ever read. I am so very glad that you two found each other.


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