04 February 2015

Melbourne's got culture. Strictly Ballroom, Thriller Live, Quippings, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Last week was a fantastic week filled with culture. I love this city. It marked the twelfth year of living in Melbourne - and I certainly did a lot to celebrate!

Leisa and I saw Strictly Ballroom the Musical on Tuesday night. I was a guest of Nuffnang. I loved it! I had not seen the movie before - maybe I was too young when it first aired. But I am so glad I saw the musical. I loved how the theatre was in theme of 1990s dance championships - especially the fluro seat covers. The dancing, signing and costumes were amazing. And the way the cast engaged with the audience was fun too. My favourite parts were the scenes with the Spanish family - the dancing was so emotional. It was directed by Baz Luhrmann and certainly lived up to his film style.

On Thursday I sawThriller Live at the Arts Centre. I caught up with lots of blogging friends before the show too. I was a guest of Thriller Live.

I thought there was a lull in the second act, but overall, it was so enjoyable - strong singing and energetic dancing. I loved Billie Jean, Man in the Mirror, Blame it on the Boogie, Black or White and Smooth Criminal. The Way You Make Me Feel, sung partly as a ballad by the incredible Australian Prinnie Stevens, was my favourite. Prinnie was a contestant on The Voice.

It featured impressive vocal and dance impersonations - such a likeness to Michael Jackson. There were moments that I thought I was hearing and seeing Michael. And I could also hear how my favourite, Darren Hayes, has been inspired by his idol.

It was Sequin-tastic. Hotpant-acular. 8/10.

On Saturday I performed with my friends in Quippings at Hares and Hyenas as part of the Midsmumma festival. Quippings is a Melbourne-based disability performance art group. I read out a piece which will be published on the blog shortly, and others talked about sexuality, love and politics. We watched the amazing Sins Invalid documentary last night at Quippings: Disability Unleashed. If you are interested in real, proud portrayal of people with diverse disabilities, do check it out. I found myself nodding along to the content in the documentary - a balance of adversity and pride.

This group of people are amazing - I am so proud to call them my friends. I love them and an thankful that I was asked to perform two years ago this February. 

While we waited in a queue for an hour, it was SO worth it when we entered the huge exhibition. I loved the detail - the talking mannequins with eyes the followed you around the room, the intricate fashion and the lighting was amazing. So wonderful. Here are a few pictures. 

This beaded big cat dress took over 1000 hours to make. It's not a real big cat - it's beads. 
  Love this punk rock.

 Mermaid on crutches.
 A talking JPG.
 Look at the details!
Wedding dress inspo!
 This dress is made entirely out of ballet ribbons.
 This is Beyonce's costume and a pregnancy bustier. Amazing.

The Good Girl and I yapped for hours - was so good to catch up. We had a mini croquembouche too. 

I love this city. Do you love your city?

Disclosure: I was a guest of Strictly Ballroom and Thriller Live. I was not paid money to write about the shows, and opinions are my own.


  1. I love this post! So many facets to both Melbourne and yourself.

    SSG xxx

  2. Wow, what amazing experiences you had. I love reading posts like these. I haven't been to the theatre in ages. (that's what happens when you have babies!)


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