10 February 2015

My interview for Margie Warrell's Raw Courage TV

When I got back from overseas last year, I did an interview with Australian TV presenter Margie Warrell for her Raw Courage TV series. I am really excited to be interviewed by Margie because she's so established. And she's also just interviewed one of my mentors, Layne Beachley. Check out her YouTube page to see them.

The interview has just been published online. I talk about Ichthyosis, bullying, beauty, perceptions of difference and superficiality, and how I will probably look 25 when I am 61.

I am really proud of this chat - I remember not feeling so well after the long-haul flight - but we covered some big issues! Thanks for having me, Margie!


  1. Carly, thanks for sharing your story. At my daughter's middle school, a young man had dyed his hair blue, and was being teased and bullied a lot for being different. The principal got word and went on the School TV broadcast and dyed his hair in front of the entire student body. So there are those who stand up, and you are not alone!!! Ken

  2. Margie is an inspiration, and so are you!

  3. Wonderful interview Carly. There was a little guy around when I was growing up who I now realise had Ichthyosis- until reading your blog I didn't know what it was. Thanks for the education :)

  4. Congrats! Wonderful interview. You and your message are so important for our world x

  5. This was wonderful to watch. I have been reading your blog and see pictures of you around the blogging world, but to see you in person (well it felt that way) was wonderful.


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