20 December 2014

Sad and exhausted.

I'm exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that comes with sadness and busyness. Adam is doing his very best to make me laugh, with funny dancing, but truth is, I just want to do nothing.

It's been a hard month. So much grown up stuff to deal with. The tragedies this week - in Sydney, Pakistan and Cairns especially - are too evil to comprehend. I can't fathom the loss of life. What the world needs now is love - and I think we've all seen an abundance of kindness come after world and personal tragedies.

I am glad I had a little break at my parents' from Sunday to Tuesday. The Christmas break starts for Adam and I this Tuesday afternoon and we cannot wait. If I haven't sent your parcel, read your blog, replied to your tweet, caught up with you in person or bought you a spectacular Christmas present - I'm sorry. It's just too much for me right now. I need to rest - emotionally and physically.

Yesterday I said goodbye to Stella Young at her public memorial. It was beautiful, and sad. It was nice to be with friends, crying, laughing, mourning together. The solidarity in the disability community is so strong. Since Stella's death, I've read and heard so much about her ideologies - and I have so much to write and do.

I also said goodbye to my day job team - sadly I'm not returning there next year. Devastated. It's been a pleasure to work there and I will miss the team and the work so much. There were too many goodbyes yesterday. It was so hard.

I wrote this next bit after Stella's memorial - and I promise you will see me put it in action soon. Because, now more than ever, we need to keep up the activism. As Stella's good friend Nelly Thomas said in her tribute, "If you really want to honour Stella's legacy today you won't eulogise her endlessly, you'll do something about it."

I pledge to continue the legacy of Stella Young's work, education and plans for equality in Australia and the world.

We must all champion change in attitudes, accessibility and inclusion - for all members of the community.

We must contribute to and celebrate diversity in the media.

And we must all "get proud by practicing".



  1. Such a tough set of things to face Carly... wishing you a peaceful, joyful Christmas and a 2015 filled with light, love and even more success in your wonderful role as an genuine inspiration.

  2. Carly you are a champion in my eyes and I love your last paragraph in bold. Truth is sister, you've already been doing it. Keep up your good work and your message because we are all behind you. It's been an emotional week but even more so for you with the job loss added as well. Sometimes when were released from really good thingsvwe makes us available for super awesome things, so mourn and rest but be hopeful and expectant of awesomeness to happen in 2015. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and Adam. Xx

  3. Yes! Great pledge, and way to honour Stella in the way she should be honoured!

    Tough week all round, really. Rest up Carly, and have a great Christmas with the family and Adam. Recharge for a bigger 2015!

  4. A beautiful tribute in a hard week. I hope you take the time to relax and rest. Merry Christmas xx

  5. Carly, your pledge to Stella legitimates our continuous battle to end disability discrimination and ableism. While I never was a friend of this fabulous and fierce master-teacher, comedian and activist, Stella strengthened my resolve in getting the message out there for Australians who are out and proud as a 'crip.'


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