12 December 2014

Birthday celebrations. Lucky and loved.

This week. It's been tough. But it's been good to laugh and spend time with friends. Today I am popping out on my lunch break to record a quick tribute to Stella Young for Channel 31, and tonight the Quippings crew are performing. Reflective. 

A colleague gave me these flowers on my birthday - so pretty. 

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such good, kind people. On Monday night some friends came out to celebrate my birthday. I left for dinner feeling sad, and I know others did too. During the night, we talked about serious stuff, but we also laughed (and ate) until our tummies hurt. All of my friends have become friends with each other - it is lovely to see. Adam and I confirmed our celebrant and cake maker during dinner. These nights are the times to treasure. I feel very loved. Thank you for all of your wonderful messages on social media and through this blog.

Here are some photos.

Can everyone just LOOK at this cake? Amazing! Jason (who blogs at Don't Boil the Sauce) made it for me! And we've commissioned him to make our wedding cake! It was two tiered with chocolate on the bottom and lemon on the top, covered with raspberries and gold leaf. Beautiful!

 How's your week been?

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  1. Dear Carly, a very belated Happy Birthday. I apologise for the delay. You are a source of inspiration and joy for so many. Thank you for your great words. Love & best wishes Den xxx
    Ps . I could eat that cake right now!!! Magnificent!!!

  2. I think 2014 was all about recognition and love for you. You look so happy in the photos and surrounded by hubby to be, family and friends. May 2015 be a cracker!


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