28 December 2014

Pop quiz.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a little online Christmas party in the Blog with Pip Facebook group. I wore my pyjamas and drank a glass of wine. Pip very cleverly got the discussion happening by asking us all some questions about what we did in 2014. It was wonderful to see how confidence, friendship and skills have been built. Everyone in that course is so supportive, encouraging and congratulatory. And at the end of the party, Pip said that now we've answered the questions at the party, we might like to share our reflections on our blogs.

I know I've just done a recap post, but I liked recalling the year that was this way because it got me thinking about what I want to do next, and reminded me of all the people whose blogs I've read through the year. I've linked to the bloggers' Facebook pages, please pop over and say hello! (Also, while I am on holidays and not blogging as much, I'm sharing lots of pictures on Instagram. Come say hello!

Question One
Who are some people who inspired you in 2014? 

1) Stella Young, as she changed the world. 2) Pip Lincolne because she does heaps of amazing, creative, inclusive things. 3) my friend Camille from CurlyPops blog because this year she has packed so much into her life after her double lung transplant last year. 4) all of you bloggers, new and experienced, because you are brave enough to put yourself out there.

Question Two
Which blogs have you discovered or continued to enjoy this year?

Sarah's Heart Writes and I Give You The Verbs and Mama Nourish and Edenland and The Chronic Ills of Rach and Life At My Level and Living With Bob (Dysautonomia) and Carly-Jay Metcalfe From the top of my lungs: living with Cystic Fibrosis and MeetMe AtMikes and Stream of Caitlinness

Question Three
Did you achieve something this year that surprised you? (In any area of your life?) Care to share? A few things are fine too! Go you!

I got engaged! That surprised me! And I was named in Australia's 100 Women of Influence - another great surprise. The biggest surprise growth I guess is that I walked out of a toxic situation and created a better one for myself.

Question Four
Share some things you tried for the first time?!

Living with another person. Geez. The arguments we have over the housework! But it's also wonderful and he's there when I wake up and when I go to sleep. 

Also, I know how to use Photoshop because of my day job - I used that properly for the first time. Only basics, but I can do it! And I used Canva! I made this!

Question Five
What was the best thing you saw or heard?

Darren Hayes' voice at the end of my phone line. Hands down. I GOT TO TALK TO HIM ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I loved watching Gone Girl even though it was gory. And I loved reading The Fault in Our Stars. I loved Lorde's album. And I loved seeing photos of Adam hanging out with my Dad making model trains when I was overseas. 

Question Six
Name 3 things you didn’t get to do this year that you want to tackle next year?

Redesign my blog. Create an ebook/course. Start my memoir manuscript. 

Question Seven
If you could steal ONE QUALITY from another person, what and who would it be?

I’d steal Pip’s quality of getting up earlier - to exercise, to write more...

Question Eight
Which bit of YOURSELF were you most proud of this year? 

My writing, my confidence and my ability to never compromise who I am. I declined an award because it would have been unethical to accept it. I don't know if any of the other winners did, but I am glad I did.

Question Nine
Which skill do you most want to improve/acquire next year?

I want to get skills to improve the visual bits of my blog, and make time to write other stuff.

Question TEN
Best thing about this year? Most looked forward to thing about NEXT year?

This year has been amazing! engagement, travel, heaps of speaking opportunities, awards, great friends, great day job. next year I am looking forward to wedding planning and broadening my own business.

Maybe you want to do the quiz too?! Feel free to do it in the comments, or in a blog post of your own! Hope you're having a good holiday!


  1. What a year you've had Carly ! It was great to finally meet you in person this year.
    You've also reminded me to take Pip's Quiz.
    Hope you're enjoying a nice break.


  2. I know I'm glad to have discovered your blog this year. Definitely motivates me to work on my blogging and disability activism! Enjoyed reading your year in review :)

  3. Wow - what a year!!! The visual stuff is high on my list for my blog too - and too just write more! SO.... I might need to be getting up earlier too!


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