28 August 2013

A little taxi driver update and a request.

One of the outcomes I requested after being verbally abused in a taxi in July was that all drivers receive ongoing disability awareness training. I don't want them to receive training on entering employment, but at regular intervals, and I'd also like all offending drivers to receive training immediately after a report is made. I asked for people with disabilities to have a high level of input into the training - including direction of and inclusion in education content.

My contact at 13Cabs told me that there is an education DVD being produced, but it's on hold due to a lack of participants.

She's asked me if I know people with a wide range of disabilities who would like to get involved in starring in the DVD. I said OF COURSE I DO!

So, if you are in Melbourne, have a disability, and want to be involved in educating taxi drivers in disability awareness, please let me know (and leave your email address with me) so I can pass your name on. Contact me via the contact form if you want to keep your email off the Internet.

Thank you!

(If I am honest, I am not sure things would have progressed if I had not followed things up. I was told that a disability organisation did not respond to the call for people with disabilities, and the taxi company is waiting for another incident similar to mine to arise to generate greater public interest. Surely my incident generated enough public interest! I dont want this happening to anyone else. And I hope those two responses aren't a final indication of the level of commitment the taxi industry has to educating drivers about disability. Disappointing. BUT - I will continue to progress this issue and hold hope that positive change will occur as a result of driver education.)




  1. Carly, this is awesome! Good job, girl! The squeaky wheel gets the grease :)

  2. Hi Carly and Kim,
    The training video has been filmed and been distributed widely. Part of the process that taxi drivers must go through when they renew of their license is to watch this video and then put the training on that video into practise. They are monitored to see if they are using the training in the video. This means it is not a once only event.
    I am on DPTAC( Disabled Persons Taxi Advisory Committee) and took part in the filming of the training video.
    I hope this helps to reassure you that there is ongoing effort in training procedures

    1. Hi anon
      Can you please send me an email with the details of the DVD. This particular taxi company has not got a training DVD hence my request to take part in training and this request. The taxi commission is also working to develop an education DVD.
      There is a contact form you can use :) Thsnks!

  3. You are making a difference that matters, Carly. x


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