19 August 2013

[Video] Samuel Johnson gives an update on Love Your Sister

Last Friday I caught up with Samuel Johnson from Love Your Sister while he's spending some time in Melbourne.

You may remember my interview with him earlier in the year before he set off on an epic unicycle ride around Australia, raising money for and awareness of breast cancer. That is 15,000 km and a $1 Million goal. Samuel's sister Connie is dying from breast cancer and Samuel's unicycle trip and activism is one of her wishes.

Samuel has the most incredible spirit, generosity and determination - his commitment to Connie's wish is so admirable.

I've been following his trip on social media and have been in awe at the photography documenting the places he's been to, and the generosity of Australians he's met. I asked him a little about his journey (it's six months since he departed from Federation Square) and what more we can do to help. (Apologies for the sound towards the end - it's been extremely windy in Melbourne and it was very blustery on the day we filmed this interview.)

Samuel and the Love Your Sister crew are in need of food and petrol vouchers - so if you are in a location where he's headed, get in touch with the crew.

Thanks for your time doing this interview, Samuel, and to Emma from Love Your Sister for making it happen!

For more information, updates on Samuel's unicycle journey and to donate, visit Love Your Sister's website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


  1. Great video. I think of Sam all the time - and Connie and Hilde. Tell him I said hi and that if he's ever in the Sth Melb area to pop in and have a coffee.

    1. HI Leisa, How you going? It was great to meet you at launch, and good to see you pop up here on carly's Blog again. Hopefully we will see you at the end of the ride when he comes back to fed square in Melbourne in Feb 2014. Thanks for your ongoing support. xx Connie

  2. Amazing, Samuel. I love your generous quirkiness. The world needs a lot more generous quirkiness!!! x


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