26 July 2012

Travel tales: T-1.5 hours til take off to New York!

Hello from LAX!

My Mum and I are waiting to board our flight to New York! I can't believe it is finally happening. I can't believe it has all come together - I have been planning this trip from the day I got out of hospital on 9 August last year. And we arrive at 7:55 am tomorrow morning. So excited!

I am still not well - a sore throat and chest infection, and quite sunburnt despite covering up as much as I can. Hoping I will get sleep overnight on the flight.

Today we went to Santa Monica. I have been wanting to go there since Savage Garden fist sang that beautiful song, and more recently, since I heard about the farmer's market on the KCRW Good Food podcast. We went to the farmer's market and it was wonderful. The market stall holders were lovely and it was interesting learning about some of the produce including raw milk which is very difficult to come by in Australia. We sampled many fruits - so many yummy berries and stone fruits.
I ate this at Monsieur Marcel Cafe - sauteed vegetables from the farmers market and French mac and cheese. It was part sensible eating and part what the hell.
We went shopping (mostly browsing though I bought a cosy hoodie for the flight) and then walked to the Santa Monica Pier. It was beautiful. Today was not as hot as yesterday and I felt much more comfortable outdoors.

I love these pictures.
Here is what we saw yesterday.

The Grilled Cheese Truck on Hollywood Boulevard.
And Universal Studios.
Alrighty I am going to get ready to board. See you in New York!



  1. I love how bright and colourful those photos are! Hopefully you're feeling better by the time you arrive in New York.

  2. Glad to hear that you're having a (mostly) amazing trip! Hope you feel better soon x Sushi

  3. Grilled cheese truck?!!? Where has this been all my life!!!

  4. very nice blog good working pictures you have the posted man. nice keep it up you have done a very good job.


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