06 July 2012

The food

English food is better than I expected. See.

First up are petit fours from the conference. I believe I have eaten 10 mini Victoria sponges. Each day. So amazing.

Here is my convenience meal from Marks and Spencer at the train station. The salad features all kinds of beans with feta and a garlic yoghurt dressing. The pork pie is a Jubilee special.
Tuesday night we had dinner at Jamie's Italian. Great value, clever presentation and a nice experience. The waiter told me Jamis Oliver is opening one in Melbourne soon.
We had a set menu - the charcuerie plate was my favourite. Meats and cheese and antipasto. Mains was risotto or chicken. I had the risotto - it had mushrooms and truffles in it and to be honest, I wish I had ordered the chicken or just eaten more entree! There was also fried polenta with parmesan which was yummy. Dessert was Tiramisu but as I don't drink coffee I had gelato - honeycomb and vanilla - which was good.
Yesterday I spent time working at the university. We had a buffet lunch of realy good sandwiches and cut vegies with dips, samosas, cheese and dessert was strawberries and cream. I have also eaten at Wagamama where I had prawn and coconut curry.

Of course I will continue to take photos of my food and share :)

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