28 July 2012

Travel tales: The bright lights will inspire you. Times Square, New York.

As I whizzed around Times Square on a pedicab - dodging the traffic, and enjoying the cool breeze, I could feel it. I felt how I have wanted to feel. Living in the moment and enjoying New York City. It was a good night.

Our new hotel is a few minutes walk from Times Square. And so when it cooled down we walked there. We got dressed up - this holiday business agrees with my skin and hair, despite the moderate stress levels experienced in the last few days. And for some reason I have really good hair (and white teeth).

Mum did more shopping (as usual - can you believe she now has the same undies as Miranda Kerr?! Five pairs for $26 in fact.) and I was glad I had London to ready me for the maddening crowds. We saw some street performers and costumed characters. This Mickey did not grope my boob.
We saw a garden in the median strip, but you cant see it in this photo. Mum wanted a selfie - I am teaching her the art (must direct her to Styling You's guide).
We dined at The Red Lobster - quite a popular place. We waited an hour for a table, and while we waited I talked Mum into having her first cocktail since before I was born. We shared a meal of six raw oysters that came with lemon and a large garden salad plus crackers and then a seafood platter comprising crab, lobster, prawn and scampi. It isn't often I eat seafood as it is quite expensive. But here it was really cheap and tasty, and I'm on holidays!
After dinner we walked through Times Square, considering the stage shows we want to see, and saw a man riding a pedicab! There are lots of them around the city (like in London). I hesitated because of the heat, but the rider said it was a cool breeze. And so Mum and I went in a pedicab! It was wonderfu! We had to hold on as we weaved through the thick NYC traffic and pedestrians.

Here are some of the things we saw. The bright lights do inspire you.
Our rider took this shot. He was very funny racing other pedicab riders.
I told him I am a blogger and he posed for this photo.
It was a fun night and I am starting to like this city a lot more.

(Have you watched the Olympic opening ceremony? I loved those doves on bicycles, ridden during the Arctic Monkeys' song. I probably won't watch any sport.)


  1. I go to Red Lobster every year for my birthday dinner. It's my favorite restaurant. I'm so glad you are enjoying the city at last. I hope you get a chance to blog every night, even if it's only photos of food! I had a biopsy today. I can't tell you how much it cheered me up to read about your adventures.

  2. glad you and your mum are having fun x

  3. Made my day brighter knowing you are feeling alot better and enjoying your time there now.Have a wonderful time making amazing new memories with your mum.Big hugs to you both.xx

  4. Yay! You sound much happier.
    I love the New Yorker !
    Cute pics of you and your mum. I hope those NYC lights continue to inspire you.
    Dee x

  5. Yay for an excellent day, and an extra yay for that yummy seafood. I hope things just keep getting better.

  6. Hey Carly, greetings from NE Vic. where it's beautiful and sunny but quite chilly.So glad I popped by for a visit. Will read your NY posts with extra interest. My son and I are heading over there at the end of August for a month. Hope it's cooled down a bit more by then........

    Shall back track and catch up on the other holiday posts. Have a fab time and safe travels,

    CLaire :}

  7. Enjoy your stay! We were there in October last year for almost 2 weeks and had the bext time. Make sure you go to Amy Ruth's (soul food) in Harlem. Take the 2 or 3 and get off at 116th St. Fantastic food. I was a big fan of the Ludicris, but you can't have that kind of food every day - very rich and fatty!!


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