26 March 2012

Bill Cunningham New York DVD giveaway!

About two months ago I saw a documentary that made me so excited for my trip to New York. Bill Cunningham New York documents the story of an octogenarian photographer, cycling the streets of New York City, snapping shots of women who catch his eye.

Bill Cunningham loves accessible fashion. And so do I. I was with girlfriends at dinner the other night, and while loitering in the foyer of the restaurant saying goodbye, I nudged one of the girls and said "look look, I want to dress like her", pointing to a girl wearing a gorgeous peach floaty dress and a faux fur shrug Perfection. And so we all turned our heads to ooh and ahh, and all agreed that we could achieve that look very easily.

Here is part of my review:
 Aside from his dedication to doing what he loves, for the love of it only - was his acceptance and open mindedness towards New York's diverse community, despite his generation. He's friends with people of all ages, races and sexual orientation.

Another thing I noticed were his older female friends who were ageing proudly - looking glamourous - dripping with jewels and wearing luxurious clothing, and maintaining youthful spirit (Iris Apfel classes herself as 'the world's oldest teenager') but their faces were marked with age spots and wrinkles. It was beautiful to see.

Watching this documentary gave me a sense of excitement about what's to come when I go to New York. I thought about what clothes I will pack (the big issues) and the sights I'd like to visit. I'd LOVE to meet Bill! The documentary gave me the confidence to just be myself (in New York and elsewhere) - for individuality is interesting.
You can red my whole review of the doco here.

The lovely people at Madman Entertainment read my review and were kind enough to send me some DVDs to give away to my blog readers. I have four DVDs to give away - three region four DVDs (suitable for Australian DVD players) and one region one DVD (which plays on DVD players programmed for world wide or region one codes).

Bill Cunningham New York would appeal to fashionistas, street style enthusiasts and those going to BlogHer '12 in New York this August.

To enter, leave a comment telling me what's your favourite thing about street style. Perhaps it's inspiration for an addition to your wardrobe, or maybe you love being photographed by a street style snapper. Remember to leave your contact details so I can contact you when you win. Looking forward to seeing your entries.

Entries close 5.00 pm Australian Eastern Time Monday 2 April 2012. Good luck!


  1. I thought the movie/documentary was wonderful so I'd love to win the dvd to share with my friends.

    I don't necessarily have a favourite thing about street style, but I'd like to echo what Bill says in the movie about photographing people in the rain. The subjects are more natural as they try to avoid getting wet, rather than posing for the camera. I like this idea of real photography rather than staged.

    Bill is a living legend.

    Susan x

  2. My favourite 'thing' about street style is that it's so personal, people are exposing an element of themselves (their style) to the world, and that a different street style is such a mark of confidence. I see so many women/girls wearing incredible outfits and think 'do I have what it takes to pull that off?' my confidence isn't there for all of them, but seeing more and more street style since living in Melbourne is making me realise, yes, I could pull it off. You just have to flaunt it :-)

  3. My favorite thing about street style is that bit gives you a glimpse of what that person is really like style is so individual and so are we. I think New York is the world style capital because it embraces what makes us all different, once you've been to New York a little bit of that New York spirit stays with you forever.

  4. Oooh I'd love to win one of these.
    I think my favourite thing about street style is that it's more about making/recycling/refashioning than just heading to the shops to buy more mass produced stuff that everyone else is wearing.

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  6. Been dying to see this!

    Street style photography, particularly international photos, can transport me to a time and place. I love that it's real people wearing real clothes with real creativity and real emotions, and not just something a stylist and an editor thought up over 5 lattes in a magazine office.

  7. My favourite thing about street style is gettig ideas for fashion that take me out of my comfort zone! So much great fashion worn by everyday people, it's hard not to take notice as you walk around!

  8. Ooo have been meaning to see this movie so would love to win! My fav thing about street style is that it's REAL. These are not supermodels walking a runway in perfectly edited ensembles and perfect hair and makeup - they are you and me, the people in the lineup behind you at the grocery store, the girl waiting for the bus at your stop. You know that whatever they are wearing they put together completely on their own based on their own personality and mood not by some stylist or designer that just wants you to buy the outfit. There's just something so delightfully personal and accessible about that!

  9. Seeing something pretty in the street keeps me mindful. We don't notice enough.
    If I see somebody who looks nice, I give them a compliment, even if they are a perfect stranger. I say "I love your shoes", "where did you get that dress". Never know how it might positively affect them.

  10. What I love about street style is that it can be about fashion, but it doesn't have to be. Just dressing exactly how you'd like to, following your own individual style, is the best part.

  11. I like to see men and women using bits of clothing from one place something else from there and some homemade items to display their complexities to the world and not just walk out of shop dressed head to toe in one brand. I also love the quote "I am unique just like everybody else!"

  12. My favourite thing about street style is being witness to the amazing confidence people have in their every day lives - they are so confident with their choice of outfit and how they are presented that they're happy to be photographed and shown to the world. More power to them, I say!

  13. What I love about street style is it takes fashion to a more personable level. As an anthropology student, I'm all about people-reading/watching and I think the best way to get a feel for a person (or even city if you're judging it on a broader scale) is through the way they present themselves. I also love it because it gives you the chance to talk to people that you'd never meet through work or school through complimenting their style or a particular item.

  14. I love this documentary. Bill Cunningham is an inspirational fashion legend!

    One of my favourite things about street style is seeing someone interpret current (or even old) fashion trends to create their own unique style. Street style is wearable.

  15. hey am I allowed to enter this!? :P

    The thing that I love about streetstyle is that anyone can find it. Like a person's outfit? Take a snapshot - with your mind- or ask to take their photo. Even when they say no, I will complement their outfit. Sometimes this leads to nice little conversations about how they're shy but they'll tell me what they're wearing and where it's from. Then we both go off on our merry ways. The best thing about street style is talking to strangers :)

  16. Hi Carly!
    I wanted to see this at the movies but missed it.
    My favourite thing about street style is seeing how everyday (or not-so-everyday) people wear and style their clothes without constraints of having to follow runway style. You get to see a window into people's real selves, their creativity and their wardrobes!

  17. Hi Carly,
    This is my first visit to your blog and what a fabulous find! Thanks to the blogger I came here from.
    I feel almost guilty entering this competition - but can't resist. I love that street photographers find everyday women (and men) who are sometimes unaware of how fabulous their style is and those that march to the beat of their own drum. Its also inspiring and especially when I see women in their 70's, 80's and 90's (even a 100 year old on Advanced Style) still dressing up.
    Hope your weekend is stunning

  18. Hi Carly, I love street style photography as its like a virtual park bench. I can sit and stare and checkout what people are wearing without someone thinking I'm creepy! Andrea @foxinflats

  19. Love street style because People watching is my favourite thing. I love seeing what women my own age and older are wearing because you don't see many women of that demographic in magazines. x


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