23 March 2012

No words, just pictures.

Pretty much food porn. Enjoy my cooking.

I cut the kabana. Not a euphemism.
Buy brooch from So Little Time Co.


  1. Hi:)
    From Oslo...
    That title is funny:)

    Have a great night

  2. My fav is the brooch..love it..so unique...just like its owner.Keep the photos coming as they are always a pleasure to look at x

  3. Really nice series of photos Carly. I am now hungry!

  4. I was just telling Ben, you always eat so well - take the effort to make lovely meals, even when simple, and use such great produce. Need to try that gundowner (??) ice-cream!
    Heidi xo

  5. I love your food porn. You eat so much more interesting things than me, lol!


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