06 November 2011

Sunday Sessions - Darren Hayes, I don't know you anymore, live from Sydney

I am still on a high from the incredible Darren Hayes concerts this week! It's my last day of holidays today, and I have a little bit of stuff to do. I predict this coming week will be hard to get through without a Darren concert. (There will be a Kings of Leon concert next Sunday though!)

This is one of my highlights from The Secret Tour - the classic I don't know you anymore, from Savage Garden's Affirmation album. Hauntingly beautiful. I recorded this in Sydney.

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  1. Not a Darren Hayes fan at all myself but I enjoyed hearing this one.
    I'm a sucker for a pretty piano piece.

  2. Wow, how special to see a live version of that song that you recorded yourself!
    Just popped over to your other post...some people!! Honestly, why do they bother commenting when clearly they don't know what they're taking about.
    I totally get that feeling of emotional connection, especially with singers. You have a strong affinity with Darren. That's a wonderful human quality, I think it's very special. And I got goosebumps when I read about you meeting him and what he said.

    I think he's amazing. As I said on Melissa's Sunday Session (was it last week?), Darren and Savage Garden saved my during my marriage break up. I couldn't have done it without him!!

    Thanks so much for linking.
    Fabulous Sunday Session!!

  3. Darren has such an amazing voice - glad to see him back touring and with a new album, thanks for sharing your concert experience!

  4. Hi Carly, found you from Blog Chicks.

    I met you at a poetry workshop in... Collingwood maybe?... years ago. We went and had lunch together in a little cafe. Life intervened and I've fallen away from the poetry circuit, but every time I see my "Something For Kate' cd that you put me onto I think of you and wonder how you're doing.

    Now I know!


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