13 November 2011

Sunday food

Here's (most of) what I ate today. Its been a good food day!

This was a really good brunch - cold rice pudding with strawberry and mango, and toasted coconut from Three Bags Full in Abbotstford. Yes sir! YES SIR!
I also had this. Poached egg, salmon and goats cheese. Probably the healthiest brunch I've had out in in a while.
Kirsti from Melbourne on my mind was with me - we had a lovely catch up - finally! She had hotcakes with poached pears and berries. It was as hot pink as my jeans
Brunch was really good - very filling. Three Bags Full is definitely worth the trip across town and the queue. The bonus of queuing for 15 minutes or so is the fashion watching - everyone looks fabulous there!!
For my very early pre concert dinner I cooked seafood tacos - salmon, prawns and calamari, organic baby carrots, mushrooms, asparagus and spinach, seasoned with mayonnaise and jalapeƱo salsa :)
And I cooked this lasagna for week nights and work lunches. Leftover bolognaise (roast pumpkin, carrots, capsicum and broccoli, pork and beef mince, tinned tomatoes, Italian pasta sauce) and more roast vegies, layered - eggplant, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms, with lasagna sheets and mozzarella cheese! I think it's quite healthy sans bechamel sauce and packed with vegies.
Sunday has been yumday!


  1. So delicious! I wish I could walk into that photo of the smoked salmon dish and eat it up. It's drooltastic.

  2. Yumday hehe, I love it! It all looks so delish, especially the salmon and goats cheese!

  3. Sunday has been very yummy! haha awesome. That cold rice pudding looks delicious! Need another Three Bags Full visit stat.
    Heidi xo

  4. Thank you everyone. The food was indeed very delicious! I think my favourite was the tacos. Or maybe the rice pudding...


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