22 September 2013

The weekend: pizza, a blogging class, a movie and lunch with new friends.

I've been quite sore this weekend - with Friday spent resting and much of Saturday and Sunday doing a little more of the same.

I made pizza for dinner on Friday night - I bought this dough already made up from my local bakery and it rose to the size of a football. And it was $2.45 for half a kilo! That's three pizzas worth!

My pizza was a halfa - potato, rosemary and garlic, and tomato, salami and olives - with mozzarella all over.
It rose so big in the oven!
On Saturday morning I had a sleep in and then gave a lesson in blogging to a friend. I was so excited! I've decided to give some more blogging lessons - do you want to hire me? Contact me if you do!
Here is her blog - isn't it great?! She commissioned that logo after giving a brief to 99 Designs. I loved seeing how excited she was when all of the elements came together. Visit it here.
I wore denim and stripes - my new fave combo. I picked up a denim jacket on The Gold Coast last weekend and have worn it to death this week.
I rested some more at the cinema - drinking an iced lychee bubble tea and watching Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. Gosh I adore Cate.
Sunday morning was sunshine and sandals. That sun was lovely. I sat outside the State Library before meeting some friends.
I met some new friends - a family I've come to know through an Ichthyosis support group. The two little girls have Ichthyosis. They are so adorable: chatty, smart and funny - they guessed my age at 90 and 20, and then asking "how come you are 31 Carly, Why?!", quickly adding that I was born "many many many years ago"!
They both drew me pictures - this was the five year old's picture of her and I! She's invited me to come to her school to talk to her class, and calls me her new friend. The cutest!

The five year old wants to be a school teacher, a swimming teacher and hairdresser but doesn't know what days she will do those jobs on, and the three year old wants to be a princess and the The Tooth Fairy!

It was a lovely lunch - gosh this condition has afforded me the opportunity of meeting great people!

I'm still a little sore but will be ok :)

What did you do?



  1. Denim and strips....the fashion of the early 90s is back! I remember wearing that look a lot back then! Ha!
    Sounds like a good and restful weekend.

    I am still trying to find my voice this weekend - lost it on Friday night!!!

  2. CARLY PLEASE! Tell me exactly how you took that lump of pizza dough and make it to a photo-worthy-artisan-looking-gourmet-pizza puff-thing. We have a local bakery that sells dough and I can see such an easy meal there. Is it really as simple as portioning the dough and chucking a bunch of stuff on top? Please share!!!!


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