13 September 2013

OMG! America - Europe 2014!!

So... I booked a round the world air ticket for March - May 2014. I fly from Melbourne to Auckland to San Francisco - and then I'll see more of America - perhaps New Orleans - then New York, across to Milan and London via Paris or Spain. I head back to Melbourne via a short stop in Abu Dhabi.

I plan to do a few tours including a homestay in a European village so I can make some friends and see some landmarks, and live like a local.

I've been bitten by the travel bug - can't wait to jet off!

Do you have any tips for me?



  1. Spain is foodie heaven, so if you do plan to go then definitely check out some tapas bars. Madrid, San Sebastian & Granada had the best ones, and in some cities if you order a glass of wine you get free tapas! Half the time I wasn't sure what everything was, but everything I ordered tasted amazing. I went to Spain for a week, fell in love with it, and stayed for 6 weeks.
    Although if we're talking food, San Francisco had a decent food culture, and so does New York of course, so you're spoilt for choice.

    I know they can be a bit subjective and biased, but for food and attractions I use Lonely Planet Thorntree, Wikitravel, and Tripadvisor, at least for starting points to get a feel of what a city will be like.
    Either way, it's all pretty exciting!

  2. I agree with Spain and SF.
    I love Italy too.
    You need to see Rome, Florence, Venice.
    And Paris. Always Paris.

  3. Must sees in NYC - Tenement Museum - http://www.tenement.org/ , walk the Highline and Ellis Island Immigration Museum (some people choose walking up Statue of Liberty instead of Museum during their visit to Ellis Island but really, there are plenty of great views of New York and Immigration Museum is brilliant). Also, if you have time, a baseball game - sit in the gods (with the real fans) and cheer on the Yankees.

  4. I don't know if you are considering going that far north but I would rate Berlin up there with Paris. Completely different of course but one of those amazing cities with a really brilliant vibe.

  5. How exciting!
    I spent 8 months in Europe back in 2007 (including 4 months living in Amsterdam and going to uni). Loved it all! I second the suggestion of Berlin, it was one of my favourite cities. Amsterdam is amazing too - so much more than just the red light district. But really, go to whichever cities are calling out to you and make sure you allow yourself a bit of time in each of them. I definitely found that doing less cities but spending more time in them was a better way to travel.


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