11 December 2011

My birthday - what a wonderful day it was!

"We gonna come together, We gonna celebrate
We gonna gather round, like it’s your birthday
~ Kings of Leon, Birthday
I had such a good day on my birthday - packed so much fun stuff in. We should live more days like they're a special day :) Everything I did was something I enjoyed. A few people have been asking me what I did - so here's the story!

I had the day off work. The day before I started work very early so I completed my standard day very early too - it felt like I had 1.5 days off! I woke up early-ish on my birthday - as I still had to cram a lot in. I opened my presents while listening to my favourite - Darren Hayes' Secret Codes and Battleships. I got more beautiful presents including handmade brooches, a set of Le Creuset pots and a Mimco handbag. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

And then I put on my best new (vintage) dress and I set off to the city for macarons with Camille. She couldn't make it to my party, but after me tweeting about the delicious macarons I received from S and T, we had to celebrate with a trip to La Belle Miette in Harware Lane. 

We had two macarons each, and a coffee for Cam and a really big hot chocolate for me. Cam had salted caramel and strawberry. I had rose and champagne. Wow. Delicious. Cam broke the blogging rule of eating her macaron before the photo was taken - but I can see how it happened when I tasted mine! The flavours are so divine. So rich and deep. I love macarons.
The windows were beautifully decorated with jars and boxes of green and cream macarons. So pretty.
We started off sitting inside, but then were asked to sit outside because they were filming for a tourism show on pay TV The owner was so lovely and apologetic - we received wonderful service and our details were taken down so we'd received vouchers - which means a return trip! Thanks La Belle Miette, and thanks Cam for the birthday treats and gift! I hope you've eaten your box of macarons by now.
After saying goodbye to Cam, my next stop was the city where I browsed the shops for a little while. The day was lovely - though a bit hot - and the sky was perfect. Here are the Christmas stars over the tram lines.
The shop was not so successful - once again I had money (vouchers) to spend and nothing piqued my interest. So I walked to Mamasita for a Mexican lunch. Even at 12.00 pm we had to queue.

I asked a stranger in the queue to take this picture after Sydney Shop Girl requested to see my working her gift all the way from Dubai. I'm wearing a gorgeous vintage dress I bought from my local shopping strip - perfect fit, perfect length, perfect colour and print, Diana Ferarri flats, a basic cardi, a beaded Curlypops brooch from Cam - perfect for this outfit, and carrying my new Mimco bag from Sydney Shop Girl - I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!!
Of course a day off work meant I could have a margarita at 12.00 pm. I don't know what else is in this other than grapefruit, lime and vanilla salt, but it tasted great!!
The lovely waiter gave me corn for a birthday present! This corn, topped with chilli and cheese - is the best corn ever. I was also chatting to a couple at the bar - we talked about how great it is that Mexican food is taking off in Melbourne, and how we'd like to eat it every day!
My mains were soft tacos - one filled with prawns and the other was fish. I loved the fish - it was smoky and firm. The prawn one was good too, though I'd had it before with Heidi a few weeks ago.
 Finally I had a popcorn ice-cream to take away - perfect for a warm day.
Next up was a movie - New Years Eve. Despite seeing a half-star review, I found it mindlessly satisfying. I found it pleasant - not funny or thought provoking, just an easy watch.

I went home, and took a nap, and then headed back to the city for dinner and a concert. Before dinner, I bought this dress - which I wore to work and our Christmas party the next day.

Dinner on my birthday was Vietnamese with Steph. We had rice paper rolls. I tried to be a grown up and not call them penis rolls. But I couldn't resist.
 We also had pho, which I failed to photograph, but here are the garnishes.
 My Coke was a 'mate' one - perfect for Steph and I. Mates.

 After dinner we walked to Fed Square where I met Louis. I took a photo of this toy solider at the Town Hall. Christmas in the city is so fun.
Louis and I saw Cold Chisel in concert. It was so good. They played all the hits - I loved being able to let my inner bogan loose and sing along to Cheap Wine, Khe Sanh and Flame Trees.
The concert was like a history lesson. So many songs are about life post Vietnam war, and the working class culture in Australia in the 1970s and 80s.I really enjoyed seeing the projections of images from years gone by - the drinking, the old cars, topless women and the way Cold Chisel used to be.
Khe Sanh - the perennial karaoke song - had the lyrics on screen so we could all sing along.

 The Chisel concert was a fantastic way to celebrate - so glad it coincided with my birthday!

So many friends wished me the best for my birthday. I received beautiful messages. One of my music idols Bob Evans tweeted me!
It was a beautiful day and I literally I celebrated it until the last minute of the day. I arrived home at midnight! The next day - up early, my lovely manager treated me to a cake for our breakfast meeting.

 Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special. I love all my gifts, the ways I celebrated, and spending time with you all. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. It looks like you had the most ammmmmmazing 30th Carly!!! I love the Mimco bag and your outfit in general. The Macarons look delicious, I will drag S there next time we have lunch in the city for post Phillippa's sandwhich dessert.

    That Mexican Corn was replicated on my blog... here's the recipe: http://www.blithelyunaware.com/2011/09/corny-love.html

    Happy, happy birthday to you.


  2. Carly, I am so envious of your awesome day! You thoroughly deserve to spoli yourself, and be spoilt! If you find the fabric, happy to make you a frock as your b'day present- will have to start it in Jan though, the next few weeks are too full on!

  3. sounds like you had a truly fabulous birthday, so many great things crammed into one awesome day!!

    that tweet must have made you day!!


  4. Sooo happy that I was able to share a little bit of your 30th birthday. Thanks for a lovely morning tea date. Can't wait til we get to do it again.
    PS - you totally rocked that birthday outfit!

  5. PPS - I'm totally jealous that you went to see Cold Chisel... and I'm still chuckling about the Glasshouse. I'm so old!

  6. Happy birthday! The big 30! Sounds like it was brilliant! Wish you all the very best. P.S Loving both dresses. Nice.

  7. What a super awesome birthday! And I totally understand your friend eating her macaroon before the photo. My Dad got to go to the official lunch for Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick at Parliament House in Canberra. He brought me back a red macaroon with a white cross on it from the lunch. About 3 bites in it occurred to me I should have taken a photo - oh well!

    But your day looked great and I'm sure it will set you up for a fantastic decade.

  8. Wow, looks like an amazing day to greet your 30s!
    Am hearing raving reviews about Mamasita...totally need to get there!

  9. Happy birthday Carly!
    Glad you've changed your mind about macarons.

  10. Looks like a fantastic birthday! You are looking gorgeous, love your vintage dress. Now I want popcorn icecream! xx

  11. Happy birthday to you! I loved your dress - you looked great. So glad you had such a good time. x


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