04 December 2011

(Almost) 30. The party. Some thoughts. Much ♥

I am clinging onto the last days of my twenties. On Thursday I won't be a '20something just telling it how it is'. I'll be older. More responsible. Wiser. 30. Still telling it how it is, probably.
Last night I had my 30th birthday party at a fantastic restaurant called Queen Street Rescue. Today, in a sign of getting older, my almost 30 year old body feels weary and I have a headache from too many Moscatos and lemon-vanilla-vodka cocktails. Though my weariness could also be from the shop-til-I-dropped day yesterday. Or from seeing the Foo Fighters on Friday night and not getting home until 1 am. Or dinner out with Stella Young the night before that. Or the channel 31 Christmas party on Wednesday night. Too much action to be had this week. It is indeed the Festival of Carly.

The party was fantastic. It was very me - an elegant dinner and drinks with my parents and good friends. I received some beautiful presents including funds for my New York trip, travel books, a vintage bag, jewellery, a gourmet food hamper, jewellery and gift vouchers (and more!). I got a stunning box of macarons from La Belle Miette...
And a mix tape from an old friend who was one of the first to introduce me to music - I laughed so hard at the cover - Savage Sons!!!
My gifts were gorgeous and I cannot thank my parents and friends enough for them. They are very generous. (There's a few gifts on my kitchen table from friends who couldn't make it - the three year old in me is saving these until my actual birthday.) And the messages that were written in my cards are so kind and heartfelt.

But above the gifts was how loved my parents and friends made me feel. Just by being present at my party. People traveled from far away to celebrate with me. A friend from uni - I carried his beer up the hill at O-Week, and he can't believe how extroverted and drinky and sweary I am since the uni days! A friend from school who I am so glad I recently reconnected with - my new shopping partner. A friend I worked with at the department store. Blogger friends Cheryl (a slave to the party hat) and Heidi. The girls I met at high tea. My babysitter and her (hot new) husband. The friends who I'd come down to stay with in Melbourne - when they were 30 and I was 17 - and they'd take me shopping and to bands (they made me the mixtape!). Friends from No Limits. Friends I work with. And my wonderful, kind, patient, generous (and sometimes strict) parents - the best parents anyone could wish for.

My Dad wrote some powerful words in the card. They made me cry.

Dear Carly. You've made it - 30 at last. How can we ever forget the day when we returned from the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne without you. We didn't think you would make it, and neither did they. Thank God for the doctors. Love you heaps - Dad.


I think about how lucky I am. How sick I was. How difficult things have been sometimes. And how far I've come. I am so thankful for every day, every opportunity, the fantastic times I have had, and all the friends and family I have who have supported, encouraged and believed in me. So much love. Thank you everyone for making me feel very special, and celebrating with me. I love you all.

My fabulous friend and social media manager extraordinaire Jess and her husband.
 Cheryl - slave to the party hat
 Heidi and I
 Ben (uni friend) and I - I'm so very quiet and reserved.

 The boys from No Limits.
 Heidi and Ben

 Steph - looking beautiful

 Probably not my best face. But no wrinkles!
 Upside down, upside down. Hurry upppppp.
 Some serious No Limits reporter faces.
 Country girls.
 Simona and I


  1. Happy almost 30th. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. And those macaroons look divine...mmmm.

  2. Happy 30th Carly! As someone on the other side, I can tell you that life gets better after 30 :) x

  3. Hey Carly, Happy Birthday for Thursday :) Sounds like you had a great party (jealous, I didn't have one). Hope your actual b'day is great too :)

  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous. GREAT photos. Looks like you had an awesome time. can't wait to hear all about NYC!
    xxx Andrea

  5. Thank you so very much - it was a wonderful night. I want to share pictures of some of my presents with you but I hate the thought of seeming self indulgent. I hope the descriptions are enough.

  6. Happy birthday!! I'm so glad you had a great time. Recently I've had to miss out on the 30th birthdays of TWO very good friends, which makes me sad... but these things happen. It's great that your nearest and dearest made the effort for you. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Carly! Turning 30 was a massive relief for me. My 20's felt so pressured, like I should be building the perfect career, finding the perfect boyfriend, the perfect adult life etc. etc. At 30 I felt left all that behind, it was time to embrace being me. My party was epic, 2 years later and it is still a regular topic of conversation. I remember (most) of it, but the next day I did really feel my age.

    And I can tell you that the 2 years since that hangover inducing party have been amazing. I'm more happy, more confident, more me than ever before. I try not to set expectations for myself, I live more in the present, enjoy all the great things in life and do my best not to stew or stress over the not so great things.

    Bring on 30 it is awesome.

  8. It looked like so much fun, Carly!

    So sorry I couldn't be there.

    Your dad's note made me get a little teary.

    Take care and can't wait for Thursday.

    SSG xxx

  9. Dear Carly,
    Happy birthday.
    Dude, I freaking love the southern sons. I still love them. I used to sing my 12 year old heart out to them.
    We will have to have another brunch soon - my shout!
    Cilla sassydrcil.wordpress.com

  10. Looks like a fantastic time was had by all. Happy birthday for Thursday!

  11. Yay! happy birthday lovely Carly. I had such a fun night, Ben did too. You're such a gem, and yes so quiet and reserved - I thought you were just drinking apple juice....?? ;) Between your dad asking me diet questions :P he also mentioned those words to me too - how proud they are of you. & I feel proud to call you a friend :)
    Heidi xo
    p.s. dinner was yum!! that chocolate pudding was so rich and exactly what I was wanting haha.


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