28 December 2011

Eye update

I haven't written anything all holiday, except Christmas texts. I'm typing this on my phone in the car on the stretch of road between my parents' house and Albury. We are seeing a movie today and celebrating my Mum's birthday. Last week I went to get my eyes seen to at the hospital. The first time was via emergency where they prescribed me some gel cream and drops. I've been tailoring them to my needs and my eyes have improved tenfold. The second visit was to the opthamologist. It was a very reassuring visit. He said my eyes have not deteriorated since I last saw him two years ago. I have 20/20 vision. There are no more grazes on the cornea. My eyes will be drier in the summer. I just have to keep lubricating my eyes and wear sunglasses. So very relieved. And I thank everyone who had left messages here and Facebook and Twitter hoping my eyes are ok. Much appreciated.


  1. Glad your eyes are feeling better now Carly. Happy Birthday Jeanette!

  2. Yay I am so happy that your eyes and vision are ok!! Have fun at the movies (what are you going to see? I'm dying to watch Happy Feet Two hehe :p)
    Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!

  3. So, so glad to hear that your eyes are doing OK Carly! I have ongoing issues with dry eyes due to my childhood autoimmune disease (as my opthamologist puts it, I have the eyes of an 80 year old in terms of lubrication). I too have manged to graza my cornea simply from blinking - I totally feel your pain hun. Keep up the eyedrops this summer! xx


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