29 January 2013

Mother daughter time - laughter, art and Wonderbao

Mum came to stay this weekend. We had a good time together - eating, drinking, cleaning, and soaking in Melbourne's culture. I love how well we get along - even when we do have an argument, it usually ends in laughter. It was fun - thanks for coming Mum!

We started our weekend waiting for a bus on Friday night. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. So we took some photos. Mum tends to be very serious when she has photos. I am not sure what I said to make her laugh so hard, but this was the result!
I bought a new dress recently - it's from Elwood (the store, not the suburb). It has a tie back neckline - not something I'd usually pick for myself, but I loved it on the mannequin and had to have it. I have been wearing it with a cream cardi, but it was nippy on Friday night, so I grabbed my pastel blazer, which I prefer to my cardi.
 And we got a stranger to take this photo. I love it, will get it framed.
No photos of dinner - I know, right! We had Mexican with Bern - she is so incredibly stylish and lovely. On Saturday morning, Mum and I did some cleaning, attended to a washing machine disaster and and a home cooked breakfast. We then set off to the city where we saw some sculptures at Federation Square. These are called Paparazzi Dogs, created by Gillie and Marc. Newshounds. I love them! They're at Federation Square until 30 April.

Mum wanted to see the Stickwork sculpture - or the nests, as she called it. We saw a bride and groom posing in the sculpture - very cute.
I love this sculpture so much. I have visited it three times now! I love how you can see Melbourne's buildings through the woven windows.
And we ate at a little hidey-hole off A'Beckett Street - these amazing pork buns are from Wonderbao. They were similar to what we ate at Momofuku when we were in New York. Steamed buns filled with juicy rich pork belly, carrot, cucumber and hoisin sauce.And only $3.80 each! So yum! I also had an egg custard bun which was so good - I could have eaten more than I did. Apparently the silken tofu bun is the star of the show. I'll definitely be back!
And as we walked down the laneways exiting Wonderbao, we saw some street art in progress - the artists were beginning to paint this beautiful lady's arms, outstretched around the corners of the walls. She's located behind Little la Trobe Street.

It was fun being a tourist in my own city! Hope you had a good time, Mum :)

PS: as I write this, I am watching the flood crisis in Queensland and Northern NSW - such devastation, again. My thoughts are with you up there - keep safe.


  1. Cute photo of your mum and I love your dress Carly. So pleased you had a lovely time with your mum. The floods are just awful, hope things improve soon. Have a good week xx

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Kell. I hope you are all safe and dry. Talk soon x

  2. Ohhhh, how lovely for both of you!
    Loving the new dress!
    I will get to see the Pap-pups!

  3. Lovely post. Aren't mums the best?

    Lots of love to Mrs F!

    SSG xxx

  4. Love seeing your mum - and you of course - both in your pretty dresses :)

  5. Love seeing your mum - and you of course - both in your pretty dresses :)


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