03 January 2013

Just Peachy

It's a new year and I have a new place to write! Check out The Peach for some wonderful writing by talented writers.

I love The Peach's mission:

"The Peach is an online magazine covering relationships, love, sex, fashion, beauty, body image, feminism, health, lifestyle mental health and lots more.

At The Peach, we don’t preach to you about what you should think, the way you should feel or how you should look.

Instead, we love you just as you are."


To start with, The Peach has reproduced some of my existing blog posts, but I'm looking forward to writing some originals for them soon.

My first piece is about the awful guys I've come across on Oasis, the online dating site.

You can read it here. And look out for more articles of mine there soon.

I hope you return to The Peach and show it some love. Thanks for having me, Amelia!



  1. That sounds like a terrific site. I look forward to exploring it and reading more of your articles for them.

  2. What a great online magazine! And I LOVE how honest you are! That online dating article you wrote was an eye opener. Can't believe some of the things those men asked u! Hope you find Mr. Right some day! You deserve it!

  3. Love your articles Carly! I wish I could write for The Peach. Ever since I read your articles, I've been trying to find an American equivalent of an online magazine to write for, but it's proven to be difficult. You've motivated me to write again. :) Keep up the good work with the articles!

  4. Wow. I always think ïf I would go on it and I am normal, doesn't that mean that normal men join them too?" they must be few and far between!


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