02 August 2012

Travel tales: the shirtless male model. Excitement about BlogHer.

So this happened today.
(It is a photo of a polaroid hence the bad quality.)

Mum and I walked down 5th Avenue, browsing the high end shops. And we passed a store with a line of excited women. And then saw a man in the window, with his shirt off. And so we backtracked and had a better look.

Oh my!

He is an Abecrombie and Fitch model. The staff were taking polaroids of him with customers, and they let us take our own photos too. This guy is hot and lovely.

He hugged me tighter. I die.

He asked me where I am from, and we talked Sydney vs Melbourne.

He picked up my sunglasses when I dropped them.

And I stood back to have another look.

Does anyone know his name?

We were on 5th Avenue to check out where BlogHer is being held tomorrow. So excited!
I have been looking forward to BlogHer for almost one year. I cannot believe it is here. I am so passionate about blogging and I know this will be a chance to make new friends, learn new skills and promote my blog to the right people. Barack Obama will address the audience by video link. Yes! What an amazing opportunity.

The power of blogging is huge. I commented at the Appearance Matters conference that I love how it allows people to tell their own stories, and creates a more diverse mediascape.

I bang on about it a lot. But I can't be more grateful for blogging and the path it has helped me to pave. And whenever I have a conversation with people who dismiss the worth of social media, I tell them how it has helped me. I can't make a diagram, but I can use the greater than sign.

Blogging>freelance writing>more media work>public speaking>awards>wonderful friendships>online support>connections with the ichthyosis community>consultancy work>thesis>speaking at a conference in the UK after my blog was discovered>BlogHer in New York City.

It doesn't get better than that!

Bring on BlogHer'12, NYC.


  1. I love this! Barack Obama wow what an opportunity.
    I had my first class for this semester at uni yesterday, the subject is E-marketing and I think this could be my favourite subject and a chance to shine because it's all about social media and connecting people and how businesses and brands have had to change their thinking to accomodate this. Something I'm finally excited about to study :)
    Great to see you're enjoying the Big Apple!

  2. OMG you got to touch him! When I first saw that picture I just thought it was one of those awesome pose next to a cardboard cut out type thing.

    Have a brilliant time at Blogher. I'm so interested to hear about it.

  3. Ahhh I'm so excited for you!!

  4. This makes me giggle Carly. There you are getting all loved up with the male model and asking us if we know his name? I love it. Hope Blogher is all you want it to be and more! Have fun xx

  5. Are you kidding me? You meet a hottie AFTER I go home?!? Not fair. Not fair I tell you!

  6. Dear Carly, Mandy and I are so glad you and Jeanette are enjoying New York. It's lovely to see her in your photos. (we all met on Flinders Island in April) please pass on our best wishes to her too. Hope you continue to have an amazing experience and remember to pace yourselves. Or not!!! We look forward to reading more about your New York experiences. Big hugs and love, Kerry and Mandy.


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