01 August 2012

Travel tales: The Australian contingent. The Met. Cake cocktails. Manicure.

I have noticed how broad Aussie accents are since I have been overseas. I can spot an Aus from afar - their broad, loud accents stand out. There have been times when I have walked down the street and heard an Australian speak, and I stop them and say "Australian!". Weird I know! People have even told me how Aussie I sound - and I don't think my accent is overly Australian. I have spent time with a number of Aussies over the past two days - it makes me feel like home. I miss Australia.

Last night I met up with one member of the Aussie BlogHer contingent - Karen from Miscellaneous Mum. We had a yummy Mexican meal from Lucy's Cantina Royale near Madison Square Garden. Karen is so lovely and such a wise soul and intelligent writer (and her style is amazing!) - I really admire her, and enjoy the times we have spent together. So glad we got to catch up in NYC. Here is Katie, Karen and I enjoying the night.
Today I met up with Mrs Woog and Beth who are also here for BlogHer. Beth is definitely a blog crush of mine and I was secretly a bit star struck being able to hang out with her and Mes Woog. They are exactly how they represent themselves in their blogs - funny, clever and stylish - I love this authenticity about them. And they had their blogging A Game on, I am so glad they agree with me that everything is a story. We went to Central Park with a picnic from the extraordinary Jewish deli Zabar's - we feasted on sandwiches, bagels and pastries. Beth asked how Americans manage to get food so tasty. I imagine lots of salt and fat. I had the best bagel ever - $6 for a salmon and cream cheese bagel, and there was no holding back with the salmon (take note Australian cafes!). Delicious. No food pictures from me but check out Beth and Mrs Woog's blogs for a feast for your eyes. Central Park is beautiful- we saw a castle amd a turtle and a cute young man doing gymbaroo with babies on a coloured parachute. Very cute. Central Park is so green and fresh - it is as though you can feel the plants making the city air cleaner.. I love how so many people the park - cyclists, school children, tourists, families, readers, picnicers, bloggers...

After Central Park we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. Beth had several emotional moments. I loved seeing works by Degas, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet. Such detail and beautiful colours. Seeing Degas' ballerina sculpture was breathtaking.
It was a great experience, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to view these incredible artworks in person after studying them at school.

Here is Mrs Woog, Beth and I on the steps of The Met. Beth and I have the same sunglasses, though hers are the real deal and mine are from Marie Claire mag!
I was so tired after all the walking through Central Park and the Met that I had a sit down - at a nail spa. This was my first time at a nail spa, and was rather apprehensive. I had my toes and fingers dome, and loved it, despite being ticklish. The nailpolish is OPI Teal the Cows Come Home, if you must know. I feel very fancy and might need to have regular manicures and pedicures.
And tonight I met a lovely blog reader - Clare - an Australian journalism student doing an internship in New York. We met Clare at Union Square and had cocktails and Thai food. We have spoken over Twitter and Facebook for a while now and tonight we chatted as though we have known each other forever. She is so passionate about journalism and again, I loved talking about it with her - she just got it.

This is a cake cocktail - vodka, creme cacao and liquid chocolate - my god. Cake flavoured vodka exists. The best invention since cheese!
Clare is in New York for a few more days - she loves the city as much as I do!
Tomorrow Mum and I will go see the Rockerfeller Centre and then go on a food tour. I need to prepare for BlogHer whick starts Thursday. Can you believe Barack Obama will be giving an address via video link?!?! Wow! I am seriously in awe of the wonderful things that have happened on this trip :)


  1. Ha! I think we Aussies stand out like sore thumbs, in a good way, wherever we are - especially the blokes. There is someone so Aussie about us and out freckles and sun-drenched way about us, I think!!

    Drooooooooool at that cake cocktail!

    So happy that you are loving NYC now, Carly!

  2. Great city and I am hearing you on the accents in a foreign place - so very broad!

  3. HI There,
    I found your blog through Mrs Woog and Baby mac.
    I noticed you have curly hair....there is a hairdressing salon in NY called Devachan (have you heard of it) As a curly girl myself I have dreams of going to this salon (I fell in love with it when I got the book) Apparently they really know about curls and how to cut them and how to treat curly hair with the respect it is due!!
    Anyway thought you might like to check it out....not sure how you would go with your icthyosis also (spelling??) but it might be somewhere good to check out! All part of the experience!
    Enjoy your time

  4. Australia is my one of the favourite destination, There all places are awesome. Also i like the food of Australia. It such an excellent destination for travelling.

  5. Haha awwwww poor YOU, having to rest at a nail bar ;-) Awesome seeing all you girls together over there! It's weird, I just had high tea with Karen last week at a Twinings 'do' and now there she is in NYC. Girl gets around! xx

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  7. Cake cocktail looks awesome! First time I read that I thought you had forgotten to put the comma between cake and cocktails but no, they really exist!

  8. Cake cocktail looks awesome! First time I read that I thought you had forgotten to put the comma between cake and cocktails but no, they really exist!

  9. really love your travel posts! I like Beth's blog a lot. xxxx

  10. Love the manicure! Tasty! Looks amazing!!!!! Go CARLY!

  11. The Met AND Zabars? Ok, now you're just making me cry. ;)

  12. So colorful and joyful article. I enjoyed reading. Australia is my one of the best vacation destination, and reading this post I went into nostalgia of my trips with my group during college days.

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